Saturday, September 09, 2006

Posting Pictures

I've yet to figure out how to manage posting pictures in Blogger. Sometimes they post and sometimes they don't, and I can't figure out the reasons why. With my entry yesterday I tried to post covers of three books that I picked up off Amazon. I can see them clearly downloaded to my computer. Then I go through the blogger process of uploading a picture and the system tells me that my file has been uploaded and to click done. But after I click it nothing happens, no href = stuff gets posted to my screen.

This morning, I tried two or three different pictures before the one you see here today uploaded. Is it just me, or do other folks have these kinds of problems?

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Sidney said...

That's an interesting quandry - images are always a challenge. I usually have an OK time with Blogger and with Amazon images. I used to have some trouble when I had AOL because AOL tends to compress images for you.

You might get a free Photobuckt Account and host your pictures there then just do an img src tag in blogger.