Friday, September 01, 2006

Praise the Net (access)

You don't know how much you miss the internet until it's gone. It's been nearly three weeks since I've had regular access. I was so frustrated when I got home this last Monday night to find that the satellite guy had put up our dish and set the net up to work on his computer, but that it wouldn't work on mine. By the time I found that out he'd already left.

But now things are closer to normal. I finished my next column for The Illuminata tonight. I'll give it a once over tomorrow and send it out this weekend. Hard to believe that the Newsletter is five years old. I've now done 44 columns for it. It's been a great learning experience and has forced me to be both more disciplined and to write better first drafts. Of course, any writing is good writing.

Oh, and the moon was brilliant tonight over the pines. I love the country.

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