Friday, September 22, 2006

As Seen in a Dream

A dream I had last night might make an interesting opening for a story. I was in an alleyway in the bad part of a medieval city with another man and a woman. The woman was related to me and was quite a bit younger than I was. She might have been a niece but I’m not sure. The man was an acquaintance. The setting was a quasi-fantasy setting, although none of us were carrying weapons. I heard something that disturbed me and told the other two to remain where they were while I investigated. I went off down the alleyway but found nothing. When I returned, however, I found the man and the woman dead and strung up from a crossbar with ropes around their necks. Both had been cut open. The man had strands of pearls thrust into his eviscerated stomach, entwined with his intestines. The woman had a few dollar bills clinging to her clothing and a little pile of wrinkled bills beneath her feet. I remember thinking that, since the motive was clearly not robbery, I was going to have a hard time finding the killer and taking my vengeance. Then I woke up.


Sidney said...

Hmm, reading "Daggar" late at night were you?

Charles Gramlich said...

Damn, you're good, Sid! In fact I was. The part with the man and his niece, and the third guy in the alley, must definetely have come from that book. Although there were some different details. No magic, for example. The pearls and money and eviscerations are from something else. Not sure where that came from.