Monday, September 18, 2006

Charles Grant

Charles Grant has died. Those of you who write horror will know his name. He wrote a number of fine novels himself, among them Night Songs and The Bloodwind, and he edited some great collections, including the Shadows series of original anthologies. I think I have most of his personal books and collections, and close to twenty or so anthologies that he edited. His work was a little quieter than the splatterpunks but I enjoyed it very much for the mood and atmosphere that he was able to evoke.

Charles died September 15, 2006, after a long, long illness. He had, in fact, just been released from the hospital ten days earlier, although he was still needing around the clock care. It is a good thing that he was able to spend a few days at home.

Charles is survived by his wife Kathy Ptacek, who is also a fine writer, and by many friends. He will be missed.

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