Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ghost Road Blues

I’m reading a very good book called Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry. Jonathan is a member of HWA, Horror Writers of America, a group to which I also belong. He had contacted me a year or so ago about a library charity program that he was running. He was looking for book donations and I sacrificed a copy of Cold in the Light to the cause. This was my first contact with Jonathan but it won’t be my last. I started his book and found myself immediately hooked in a way that I haven’t been by a newly released horror/thriller in a long time. The characters are clearly defined and seem absolutely real. There is great action and a building sense of dread. And there is atmosphere, something too few thriller writers even try to achieve these days. I highly recommend the work. It’s from Pinnacle Books, 2006.

Jonathan tells me there are more books coming. I’m looking forward to them. But for more on his work, check his website.

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