Friday, September 29, 2006

The Green Clods of Home

Hydroseeding! It sounds like something you'd do while terraforming Mars. Well, we had it done yesterday to our yard in Abita Springs. Now the mud (soil to some people) that was hauled in two weeks ago The landscapers came in yesterday with a tank of stuff, filled it up with water from our well, and sprayed it like a thin film of paint across our yard. They tell us we have to keep it damp, and that in a week or two we will start to see a green fuzz sprouting. I'll be glad to see that. Right now it looks like the kind of mold you'd find on some unrecognizable product that you left in the refrigerator a year or so ago.

I was thinking last night of how I've always wanted to be involved in a terraforming project. But now I'm starting to wonder, and the wondering is tinged with fear. What if the fuzz that sprouts isn't green? What if it', like the Martian plant that nearly took over the earth in War of the Worlds? What if the guys who came to our house weren't really guys? What if this is the opening salvo in a new war? What if I awaken one night to a crimson yard of tiny screaming Martians? or? What if I don't awake? What if you don't?

Hydroseeding anyone?


Sidney said...

Have you ever read A Matter for Men by David Gerrold? Kind of reminds me of that, the terraforming. Only in the book it's aliens terraforming us, and I guess you don't have giant worms like the book. That would probably be bad.

Charles Gramlich said...

I haven't read that one. Sounds interesting. I know that terraforming earth was kind of the idea from the new release of War of the Worlds.