Monday, December 25, 2006

Joshua's First Christmas

What follows is a Christmas poem I wrote for my 19 year old's first Christmas. How did the time get away? Merry Christmas to all.


It was late Christmas Eve in December so fair
With not one flake of snow swirling in the air
The tree was all dressed, the lights blinking awake
The turkey and stuffing and the hams were all baked
Mary was up the stairs, making all the beds
Joshua with me, banging rattles on his head

I was reading a book when I heard such a sound
That I raced to the window and glanced all around
In the sky came a jingle, as if of sleigh bells
And a voice calling down "Merry Christmas" as well
There landed a bright sleigh and Santa stepped out
And the elves that were with him raised up a shout

Old Santa's broad face was cherry red from the wind
And his whiskers were frozen all white to his chin
Rudolph's nose was glowing and so was St. Nick's
Both of them were blinking. Now that's quite a trick
Since we hadn't a chimney Santa came in the back door
He said not a word but spread his bag on the floor

He took out the presents, wrapped in red and green
And he laughed all the while, or so it seemed
He lay them under the tree, spread out with such care
And Joshua sat still with wide eyes and stared
I went to the refrigerator to fetch Santa a bite
And when I came back I saw such a sight

A fairy wind had blown up and thrown back the door
And in had come elves to dance on my floor
They had turned on the stereo and had it real loud
And smoke from their pipes rose up in a cloud
One had gotten into my brandy, another my beer
And Joshua was riding on one of the reindeer

Santa was on the table, cutting a jig
I couldn't get around him, his belly was so big
Everywhere you looked there were elves, elves, elves
Falling around and making fools of themselves
They were screaming and yelling like I'd never seen
And I can tell you this. I've had some strange dreams

Elves standing on their heads, elves on the ceiling
Elves on the shoulders of reindeer that were kneeling
Two of them were swinging around on the chandelier
And another was watering the tree with his beer
I knew I had trouble when I heard glass shatter
And Mary called down "Now what's the matter?"

I yelled at the elves and chased them to their sleigh
Santa called to his team, up they went and away
I caught up Joshua before they went into the sky
He was having a ball and trying to fly
Santa yelled back before going out of sight
"Thanks for the brandy and have a good night."

About that time Mary came down and says
"How in the world did you two make this mess?"
I told her the story. She thought I was lying
And Joshua ain't talking, though he's sure trying


Sidney said...

Very cool! The '80s don't seem that long ago until you consider the time it takes someone to grow up.

I wound up with some pretty good stuff. Christine got me "Hannibal Rising" among other things. Guess I'll be reading it soon after all.

Clifford said...

Great poem - I bet your son really appreciates it!

cs harris said...

Ah, how long ago that first Christmas seems! I'm afraid all Sam got was me reciting the original version--I've not a poetic bone in my body. Have you given it to Josh now that he's older? What a thrill.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks Sid and Clifford. And yes, C.S., I have given it to Josh, along with ones I wrote for his next couple of Christmases.