Monday, July 10, 2006

Technology is Our Master

It's been said by better folks than me, but truths sometimes bear repeating. Technology is the master in our relationship, not us humans. I came in this morning to work and my internet and email were down. Oh, I found work to do, but I couldn't do that which most needed to be done. I'd worked on some items last night at home and emailed them to myself to finish. That didn't happen, and I didn't want to redo everything I'd done last night so I'll have to wait until email comes up or until I get home again.

The net came up eventually, so I was able to get this post in, but email is still down and I wonder how many emergencies are sitting in my inbox to deal with. That probably sounds overly dramatic, but I'm a teacher and I give tests today. I'll bet there are several emails from students asking questions about the test. There may be students who email to say they can't make it. One of my colleagues teaches an "online" course. Needless to say they didn't meet today. Writing related emails will probably wait, but by the time I get home I'll be tired and I'll have to catch up with work by cutting back on sleep.

Technology rules
Humans drool

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