Saturday, July 29, 2006

David Gemmell's Death

David Gemmell, one of my favorite writers, has just died at age 57. He had heart bypass surgery a couple of weeks ago but had seemingly been recovering well. Such surgeries are never without risk, however.

Gemmell was a British fantasy writer who I just discovered a few years back. I've probably read fifteen of his novels since, and I think I have maybe another dozen to go. I'm really saddened to hear of his death. By all accounts, he was an excellent human being as well as a fine writer. He will be missed.

There's an obituary here.

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Sidney said...

It's always bittersweet to read a writer's obituary. Often you pick up facts you never knew and often you discover writers for the first time. That's of course wonderful and means the writer's work is definitely immortal, but there's also sadness in finding out about someone only after he's gone.