Monday, July 24, 2006

Coming up on Finals

I'm not looking forward to this week. I give five tests in my four classes this week, and this is before Final Exams start. Next week I have four more tests. This is largely because it's our "Spring" semester, prior to graduation, and Senior grades have to be turned in early. I'm also grading 30 something papers that I got last Friday, and I'm sure another problem or two will surface this week. From at least Thursday on I'll be doing nothing but grading for four to five days.

In other news, everything is turned on and ready at our new house and as soon as we can schedule the move for our big stuff we'll be out of the apartment and into Abita Springs. We probably won't be able to get that move scheduled until after next week, though. Just too many things hitting at once here. I feel very much like a boxer in the fifteenth round who is beaten but is just desperately trying to stay on his feet until the final bell.

Man, the bell is slow.

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Eric Paul said...

You ain't said but a word, pard. I too feel the gravity of an intense semester. I'm looking forward to its end, as it'll be one thing less to be concerned with in the general surrealism of post-KATRINA reality. In this milieu a little stress goes a loooonnnnggggg way.