Monday, July 31, 2006

An SF Quiz for You Brainiacs

Ah, those classic SF movies. They amazed and charmed us, teased and titillated us. And even though they may look cheap compared to the modern SF megahits, they had that undeniable something that thrilled and chilled. Can you match the phrases, quotes, images or characters from the numbered movies at top with the lettered movie titles just below? Twelve to fifteen correct means that you know your drive-in celluloid. Eight to eleven correct is pretty good but don’t give up your day job. Four to seven correct suggests that you need a refresher course in SF movie history. Below four correct? I guess old SF is just not your thing. The answers follow.

1. “They’re here already!”
2. The plants who ate London
3. Carrot top
4. Klaatu
5. Germ warfare wins the day
6. Small things in big packages
7. Shocking
8. Do you know who your parents are?
9. Oh no, there goes Washington, DC.
10. The days just fly by
11. It came from the ID
12. Between a (big) rock & a hard place
13. Woody Woodpecker Guest stars
14. The haves versus the have nots
15. I Am Legend

a. Metropolis
b. The Last Man on Earth
c. Them!
d. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
e. Day of the Triffids
f. When Worlds Collide
g. Destination Moon
h. The Day the Earth Stood Still
i. The Thing from Another World
j. Forbidden Planet
k. War of the Worlds
l. Earth Vs the Flying Saucers
m. Invaders from Mars
n. The Tingler
o. The Time Machine

Answers: 1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 2. Day of the Triffids, 3. The Thing from Another World, 4. The Day the Earth Stood Still, 5. War of the Worlds, 6. Them!, 7. The Tingler, 8. Invaders from Mars, 9. Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, 10, The Time Machine, 11. Forbidden Planet, 12. When Worlds Collide, 13. Destination Moon, 14. Metropolis, 15. The Last Man on Earth.

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