Monday, June 19, 2006

A New Column is Up

The latest Illuminata is out from Tyrannosaurus Press (TP). This is the online newsletter that I've mentioned before, which I write a column for. My column this month is entitled "Writing Groups," and it's a pretty extensive expansion on an entry I made here several weeks ago. Again, the newsletter is free, and there's also information on a new anthology that Bret Funk, the editor of TP, is getting ready to put together. He's looking for submissions. Check out the issue for details. It's Volume 4, Issue #10, June 2006.

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J. Bruce Fuller said...

Hey Charles, read your column in The Illuminata today, good stuff. I agree with the way groups can become a catalyst to write, I never want to be the guy showing up empty-handed.

I have a blog on here too, and I linked yours to mine. Give me a yell when you get a chance.