Thursday, June 22, 2006

James Reasoner

James Reasoner’s blog, “Rough Edges,” is yet another of my links. James is the most prolific professional writer that I know, and you can check out his blog comment on “End of a Streak,” May 31, 2006 for proof. James writes faster than I can read, and that’s saying a bit. James lives in Texas and is married to another writer, the beautiful Livia. Together, and separately, they’ve written over 100 novels, in just about every genre you could imagine. They’ve also written under many pseudonyms so you might have to check out his (their) website to find everything they’ve done.

I just saw James at the Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas. He’s been a long-term fan of Howard’s and always comes down for at least a day. He used to be in REHupa, in fact. Our chats always revolve around writing and books. He once owned a bookstore and has close to 80,000 books stored in a barn somewhere. There’s no more knowledgeable fellow out there, especially when it comes to westerns. Most of what I’ve read from James are his westerns, and a few of his Civil War books. I’ve been looking for his World War II novels. Simply put, he tells a great story.

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