Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I wonder if "666" will be the most common title for blog entries today. For those of you who don't know--although I can't imagine anyone who doesn't--today is the sixth day of the six month of the sixth year of the new century. That's a combination that doesn't come around too often, and the "end-is-nearers" have been making a big deal out of it. I think the antichrist is supposed to be born today, or his evil twin or something.

I bring it up here only because I had a dream this morning about 666. I dreamt that a local museum had put up a display about the significance of 666 and they featured a newspaper with today's date on it. I stole the newspaper and took it home, then used it to wrap up some drinking glasses. The police somehow traced me as a possible suspect--I'm not sure why--and came with a warrant to search my house. They found the paper but I told them it had been thrown on my doorstep that morning and I thought it was just a normal daily delivery. They knew it was the right paper, but couldn't prove that I had taken it. They finally left without arresting me, although clearly they were very suspicious.

I remember a lot of my dreams, and often use elements of them in stories. But this is the first time I can remember ever dreaming about a specific date in this way. Made me wonder. Is there some significance to today's date? Could it be the day upon which the anti-Elvis is born, perhaps? Might it not be revealed today that Britney Spears has indeed given virgin birth? And is about to do so a second time? Or maybe scientology will be revealed today as the one true church, with Tom Cruise as its prophet. I don't know. But strange things are in the air. And in dreams.

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