Monday, June 12, 2006

Home from Texas

I’m home from Robert E. Howard days. Flew back into the Greater New Orleans area Sunday afternoon, but didn’t get much done that evening because I was exhausted. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all very full of panels and displays and talk. I don’t think I had a night on the trip where I got more than about five hours of sleep. Usually it was less. But I had a lot of fun, and I bought a lot of books. Too much happened to give a complete report, but I’ll mention a few things.

I met Roy Thomas, who some of you will recognize as the long, long-term writer for the Conan comic books from Marvel. He also had substantial involvement with both the Conan movies. He’s a very nice guy.

I met two of the owners of Paradox Entertainment, which is the company that now holds the rights to all of the Robert E. Howard characters and properties. They seemed genuinely interested in Howard and spoke of a bunch of movies that they’d like to make, including another Conan movie and a movie about Howard’s Solomon Kane character.

The Dark Man
, issue #9, debuted at the conference, and it’s a double issue with some 98 pages of content. As Assistant Editor for the journal, I edited two of the articles in the piece, and contributed a review.

I saw a bunch of old friends and colleagues (and their significant others), including Morgan Holmes, Matt Herridge, Gary Romeo, Steve Trout, Frank Coffman, Dennis McHaney, Michael Scott Myers, Chris Gruber, Scott Hall, Tim Arney, Ethan Nahte, Leo Grin, Don Herron, Mark Finn, Rusty Burke, Indy Bill Cavalier, Rob Roehm, Glenn Lord, Paul Herman, the Project Pride crew, and many more. I also met a lot of new people, or met again folks I’d met years ago. My brain’s awhirl with names. No way I could list them all. I’ll also be posting more about Howard Days over the next couple of weeks.


Sidney said...

A Solomon Kane movie would be interesting. The moment in the story where he finds the injured girl and swears to track down the bad guys could be a very cinematic moment.

Charles Gramlich said...

Absolutely. They're great stories. There are some concerns that the Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman may have stole some of the thunder from a Solomon Kane movie, though. He had very much of a Kane look to him.