Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Book Project

Every summer when I'm off teaching I tend to take on a project related to my books. In the past, this might just mean a good cleaning. Sometimes it means rearranging my shelves. Sometimes I get all my boxed books out and go through them for gems before reboxing them. This year I'm doing something different, and probably more time consuming. I'm going to take photographs of my entire collection, at least of the ones I've read.

I see people posting pictures constantly on facebook of their books and I never had any to post. I"d have to download a pic from the net if I wanted a cover image for this blog. But now that's going to change. I'll have a complete photo record of all my books available to me to post. Since I do various articles on books as well, this will also be helpful there.

Although this has already proven to be time consuming, I'm really having fun doing it. My books still bring me pleasure in so many ways, even if I'm not reading them at any given moment. Here are some pics I've taken so far. I'm sharing a lot more on Facebook.

1: I am the only person I know who collects Ken Bulmer, a British paperback writer who penned 100s of works under many different names. Here are some books under a few of his pseudonyms:

And here is my favorite anthology of all time. Maybe more than any other, this one made me want to write interplanetary adventure fiction!


Adventuresfantastic said...

Hook looks interesting. And I've got Swordsmen in the Sky somewhere.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They all look good. I like the pulpy style of science fiction stories.

Paul R. McNamee said...

I've been enjoying your photos and adding to my wishlists because of them!

Charles Gramlich said...

Keith West, I liked Hook pretty well

Alex, yep, my cup of tea

Paul, plenty more to come.

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...

For fun fiction I've enjoyed the Man From U.N.C.L.E. paperback novels by David McDaniel. And there's the I-Spy paperback series by John Tiger (a pseudonym for Walter Wager.)

Erik Donald France said...

Cool! I love this covers! I still have a few Daw books with great covers. One is called 'Games Cyborgs Play.'

Erik Donald France said...

Sorry, it's the older spelling: 'Games Psyborgs Play'

Charles Gramlich said...

Ray Palm, I used to watch the Man from Uncle show but I've never read any of the books. I think I have one or two around.

Erik, Daw has had some great covers for sure.