Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Quiz Report

OK, the quiz consisted of looking at 6 pairs of choices and picking one out of each pair. It doesn’t really matter if it is a forced choice, as in you didn’t care much for either of the two. I was a bit surprised that some folks seem to have no familiarity with certain pairs. I thought these were pretty universally known, although the music groups might be the least so. (That turned out to be the case.)

First, the “correct” answers. ;)
The Rolling Stones
Motley Crue
Star Trek
Black Sabbath

Now why are these the correct answers (and please realize this is tongue in cheek)?

First, there is what I call the “Scuzz” factor. The best things here are just a bit disreputable. They’ve got a nasty side, a dark side, a little bit more of an edge. They’re a bit more dangerous. Certainly this may be in our perceptions rather than in reality, but I’ve got to imagine that partying with Motley Crue or the Rolling Stones would be a bit more deviant than partying with The Beatles or Bon Jovi. And although Led Zepplin were definitely freaks, Sabbath has a soundtrack that might have come straight out of hell.

Second there is the human, non-human factor. I’m not a big fan of humans in general. Although both vamps and werewolves are typically shown as coming from humans, werewolves are definitely wilder and more beast-like after the change. Vamps are a little too prissy and pretty, especially today’s vamps. I mean, come on, get your blood drained or get your liver ripped out? Which is more frightening? Alien, of course, is far less human-like than Predator. That’s why I disliked the last Alien movie, which tried to make the thing more human. Aliens ain’t human. That’s why they’re cool. Predators are like Navy Seals gone all genetically modified or something. I liked the Predator movies but I’d rather face a Predator any day than an Alien. For goodness sake, they’re gonna lay eggs in you even.

The Star Trek VS Star Wars is an age identifier. I don’t know everyone’s age, but it looks like under 40 we’re talking Star Wars while over 40 we’ve got Trek. Since age brings wisdom, you can see why Trek is the correct answer. ;)

Ultimately, this was, of course, a psychological test. The data will be published in Abnormal Psychology of the Blogosphere, a journal that I just made up and am editor of. All your names will be used. Some of you—odder folks—and you know who you are—may be contacted for follow-ups. Good psychotic subjects are hard to come by.

Thanks to everyone for participating!


Rick said...

I just knew it! :)

David J. West said...

Ha! Under 40 yep.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I didn't participate, but I would have picked Star Trek. I am over forty and it's true for me.

Richard Prosch said...

Charles, right on re: the dangerous, the edge. It works for the Stones, and Star Trek too (though I also believe you're right re: age). I don't think "The Empire" holds a candle to the viciousness of the KLINGON Empire.

Choosing between the bands was almost a flip of the coin, but came down to musical proficiency and professionalism. Black Sabbath have a few more stumbles than Zep (though I think Tony Iommi is probably as good a guitar player as Page).

So, edgy...but professional edgy. Does that make sense?

Aimless Writer said...


writtenwyrdd said...

I have to disagree about Star Wars vs Trek. I am well over 40 and prefer Star Wars as vastly superior to the Trek show. It's really a matter of do you want a story or a world you can revisit, I believe. Or perhaps it's just my take on it.

And I think the lovely Goth vampire is more horrible because of its perversity; you cannot escape from the queasy-making sex and violence aspect of vampires, and to me, that makes them more horrible than merely being ripped apart. Seductive violence and horror works better for me--and perhaps most women?

Cloudia said...


Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Christina said...

lol. clever. I was wondering how it all worked in.

Sherri said...

I'm 39, so I guess I'm a little ahead of the curve on Trek wisdom--Ha!

I waffled between Crue and Bon Jovi. Though Motley Crue holds a special place in my upbringing, I came down on the side of the guy I like the most, and that is Bon Jovi.

Which actually goes along with your idea of human/non-human. I like humans, I guess, and less grit. A little grit.

Lana Gramlich said...

A good friend of mine once said; "He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round Perdition's flames before I give him up!"

Barbara Martin said...

Even though I had liked Star Wars my roots are on Star Trek as a first favourite. I agree with you on the Alien movie.

Natasha Fondren said...

Now wait a second! I'm still shy of forty! My wisdom blossomed early on: I love Star Trek.

I didn't really have any feelings about the first two, either. I'm not real familiar with pop music of any kind.

Werewolves, despite being dangerous, are also cuddly and soft. Vampires, on the other hand, add that bad boy/danger element to attraction. Is he going to kiss me or kill me? Yum! Makes my mouth water!

laughingwolf said...

lol... fingered some such dastardly deed was in the mix :P lol

as for zep and sabbath... point taken, the latter IS a tad more off! :O

got a link to that ap site? ;)

sage said...

I started off thinking I only missed one (picking Zepplin over Sabbath), then I lookd back and saw I picked Bon Jovi (what was I thinking with that)

You're right about the age and Star Trek

I'm assuming, that since this is going to print in such an esteemed publication, you ran this experiement by your university's ethic committee that oversees human experiementation :)

David Cranmer said...

“Scuzz” factor. Me gusta! And being right at 40 brings difficulties but Trek always wins out.

Charles Gramlich said...

Rick, you made a valiant effort, my friend.

David J. West, should I call you a young whippersnapper? I don't even know what that means actually.

Jack, Trek rules!

Richard Prosch, Zepplin vs Sabbath was probably the closest choice for me. I like both a lot, but Zepp played quite a lot of music that was pretty soft. But songs like When the Levee breaks are favorites of mine.

Aimless writer, I like scary.

Writtenwyrd, I think that women prefer vamps more than men do. But I grew up running the woods and the wildness of it appeals to me far more than the more urbanized vampire ever could. Werewolves are truly feral. Vamps never quite. I like Star Wars too, but the Trek world is more real to me.

Cloudia, agreed.

Christina, twas fun.

Sherri, human, shhuman. :) Bon Jovi is certainly more blue collar than the Crue and probably more sypmathetic to working folks for sure. Congrats on being ahead of the curve.

Lana, ahh, I love your way with quotes.

Barbara Martin, I fell in love with Trek long before Star Wars came out too, which I think accounts for the age thing.

Natasha Fondren, I think there's a male/female difference with the vamps/werewolves. See, I don't wanna be kissed by either. But I'd like to join the wild hunt with the wolves. And of course, you are wise beyond your years!

laughingwolf, there's a lot of perception involved. I understand the Beatles were from a tougher environment than the stones but the impression is different. Link for the ap?

sage, perhaps you were humming too much of "you give love a bad name." Funny you should ask about the research review committee. It worked out pretty well considering that I am actually chairperson of that committee at my university. It was a smooth approval process.

David Cranmer, both are good SF but Trek will always be closer to my heart.

Erik Donald France said...

Excellent. This was fun!

Here's a few other possibilities, some with multi-polar disorders:

angelina or jen

greeks, trojans, or gods

napoleon or wellington

new york city, new orleans, detroit, LA, chicago, philadelphia

republicans, democrats, independents, socialists

conservative, liberal, libertarian, anarchist, monarchist, fascist, communist

left, right, center

feminist, traditional paternalist, male chauvinist pig

poetry, short story, novel, nonfiction

football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, chess, ping pong, hockey, rugby, cricket, polo

sun, moon, darkness

spring, summer, fall, winter

jefferson, hamilton

israel, palestine, both, neither, the samson option

ivan said...

I was wondering why I was fudging the blog thread in my answers.
Now you have us by the balls, Doctor. :)

the walking man said...

You can contact me for follow up...or not. I have no preference.

Gaston Studio said...

LOL! I'm in the 'old' category, so if you need additional psychotics, let me know.

BernardL said...

Ah but Sigourney Weaver in 'Aliens Resurrection' may not have been horrifying but she was very attractive. :) It looks like Star Trek has a vast new generation of fans.

Charles Gramlich said...

Erik, the angelina Jen one would have been great a few years back. Probably nobody but a hermit wouldn't have heard of those. the republican democrat one might start a war though! As perhaps the Israel Palestine one.

ivan, except you were wise enough to keep your choices close to your vest. Although that in itself reveals you of course. ;)

Mark, trying to walk the middle of the road, I see. Ah hah!

Gaston Studio, I'm pretty well full up on psychotics but I'll put you on the list.

BernardL, it does look like I was somewhat off on the age thing for some folks. The superiority of Star Trek is winning over the youth! For a woman who isn't very attractive, Sigourney certainly was in those movies.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Werewolves are too boring. How about a boring factor.

JR's Thumbprints said...

It's definitely a no-brainer picking Motley Crue over Bon Jovi: Scuz vs. Clean Cut businessman.

Stewart Sternberg said...

You're something of an age bigot, ain't ya, Charles. So am I. Here is something to consider though, age has been an insane concept since we were teens. Consider how the media blasts us with an expectations and impresses us with what we should and should not do from an age perspective. As teens we are shown a hottie in around twenty or so and told this is what we should want. And we want! But as we hit our thirties, we're told we should change our wants, and yet we're still being blasted with over and sublimnal images of the same twenty year old hottie. And by the time we're fifty, after thirty years of pounding with the same images, we're told if we leer and lust at that forced object of sexuality that we're perverts.


I'm sure the feminists will cringe at this. But how do they know I'm not applying the same to women or how do they know I'm not talking about a male admiring a male hottie.

So it's about ageism, sexism, and gender discrimination.

Thanks for the quiz.

Charles Gramlich said...

Pattinase, oh I must disagree. vamps are more boring to me. Although I like them OK.

JR., gotta love some scuz.

Stewart Sternberg, I didn't realize I had so many isms in there. You are right about the media, though. They want people to be able turn on and shut off feelings at will.

ivan said...

Stewart Sternberg.

Ah, the Lay of the Ancient Mariner.

...And did I enjoy it.

Sure ticked off the Missus.

Maybe that's how I got to be the way I am. Clazy.

It was the media that dunnit to me.

Jo said...

Oh, darn, I missed the quiz. Am I too late? Here are my answers:

The Rolling Stones
Bon Jovi
Star Wars
Led Zepplin

Does that make me 150? :-)

X. Dell said...

(1) Abnormal Psychology of the Blogosphere seems kinda redundant, doesn't it? Don't you have to have some kind of Abnormal Psychology to be on the blogosphere in the first place?

(2) How much does this quiz count toward our final grade?

Barrie said...

Well, I missed the quiz. But I wouldn't have gotten too many "right" answers!

Anonymous said...

I voted Star Trek... but scuzzy and dangerous? Come on! There's nothing more PC and group-huggy than Star Trek ;-)

...and for your analysis - I'm pushing 50 :-)

- Jon

Bernita said...

I think I'm glad I missed this...

Mary Witzl said...

I'm hurt that I'm not one of the ones perceived to be odder! I'm plenty odd, I'm just awful at making choices. Even easy choices drive me wild and take ages.

And damn it, I probably would have gone for Star Trek. (I hate to be type cast by my age!) I just think Mr Spock is cool.

Richard Prosch said...

Charles, you make a good point re: Zepp playing some softer songs.

Sabb's easy listening tracks came early (thinking MASTER OF REALITY) but were soft as in icy cold graveyard soft. Zepp had IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR as its final offering; soft, as in synth pop. Makes a difference, yes?

L.A. Mitchell said...

I hate that I missed the quiz. Can I still be in the abnormal journal? All Mary Poppins and Godsmack? ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

ivan, I suspect you may have done it to the media, my friend.

Jo, well, I'm afraid your answers are mostly wrong but I'll forgive you! :)

X. Dell, good point about the abnormal blogosphere. I hadn't considered that. As for the final grade, I'm still trying to decide on the curve.

Barrie, some folks just aren't good quiz takers. ;)

Jon, hum, the later Star Treks were indeed a bit PC. I'm primarily thinking of the original series, which had more of an edge. One could argue that the Star Wars universe is dirtier around the edges, but my "scuzz" commment was mostly related to the bands.

Bernita, don't worry, I'll make up data for you to fit my hypothesis. :)

Mary Witzl, Spock is cool. He's one of my role models. You don't know what my list of odd ones looks like!

Richard Prosch, that's exactly where I'm coming from. When you list to Sab's ballads you still feel like you're hanging out with psychos. Zepps ballads I could sleep too. Not Sabbath's

L.A. Mitchell, you will be a prominent case study, believe me. ;)

Voidwalker said...

LOL... age brings wisdom, therefore Trek was correct! That's so mean :) j/k

For the record, I am 28, but I did grow up watching all the original Star Trek episodes and eventually went on to the Next Generation, Voyager and sadly Deep Space 9 ugh.. hehe. BUT, I chose Star Wars because, let's face it, who doesn't want to be able to force push someone into a wall from time to time :)

Tom Bailey said...

Great I only got 1 right? Funny I actually went back and changed to Motley Crue too. Wow. Very cool test you came up with here.

The Beatles
Motley Crue
Star wars
Led Zepplin

Liking Vampires is kind of like being in a yoga class. You know it is prissy but you are surrounded by attractive women. It might be I like vampires for the same reason I like yoga? I recall dressing as a vampire for holloween a few times... all the elviras come up to you right? Maybe there is a frued factor in there too?

I liked the concept and thought you put behind this.

Charles Gramlich said...

Voidwalker, I feel like I should call you grasshopper at your tender young age. But your Trek affection suggests wisdom beyond your years. Yes, DS9 was so different than any Trek before or sense. I was not a big fan of VOyager either, but TNG and the new Enterprise are good.

Tom Bailey, ahh, that explanation for why a man might like vampires is spot on. I had not thought of that. Well said!

SQT said...

Too funny. I mostly stuck with the prissy side, though I definitely prefer the Crue over Bon Jovi. (I went for Alien too) Trek was the hardest choice for me-- I wonder if the fact that I just turned 40 had anything to so with that. Maybe I'll be more comfortable with that decision as I get older. :)

SQT said...

Stu-- not a fan of lusting after younger men (I'd rather die than be a cougar) but "Twilight" proves there are a lot of middle-aged women who have no issue lusting after boys.

Steve Malley said...

Dude, the question itself shows our age. Ask the young'uns these days Star Trek or Star Wars and your most likely reply is "Who? Isn't that like some old movie or something?"

Current debate among the Young and Geeky seems to center on Buffy vs. Edward. (shrugs)

In other news, am glad to have scored so high in your testing for abnormal psychology! :p

Charles Gramlich said...

SQT, at a local SF con I talked to two women in their 60s who were totally enamored of Twilight, and definitly seemed to be rather hot for the male vamp. It was a surreal experience for me.

Steve Malley, Yes, you may be right about the age orientation of the quiz itself. And it's good to be abnormal, I agree. I had you pegged for a high score. :)

Vesper said...

Cool! :-)

My choices were:

The Rolling Stones
Bon Jovi
Star Wars - the first three movies and Star Trek - Enterprise (the last series)
Black Sabbath

Interesting quiz, but the available options also tell a lot about the tester...

:-) :-) :-)