Monday, May 21, 2007

The Community

I was thinking last night while lying in a tent in my own backyard looking up at stars and trees what a great community we have here in Blog World. How strange it seems at times to have made so many good friends with people I've never physically met, and in many cases never even seen a picture of. At other times it seems to have grown so naturally that it is no different than any other small community. In fact, it's better in many ways because almost all of us here share commonalities and interests that you don't typically find in an actual small town.

I remember growing up in Charleston, Arkansas, population 1500, and not a single other person interested in writing. There were quite a few readers, but only a few were interested in Science fiction and fantasy, which I wanted to talk about. I had great times in that small town, but there are things I might have enjoyed talking to others about that I never got the chance to do so.

This community has the kind of people in it I would have loved to talk to when I was 15, 18, 22. Thanks to all of you for sharing, and thanks for the overwhelming wave of support since the publication of Swords of Talera and Wings Over Talera. Thanks to Sid for admitting he knows me, and to my writing group buds Candice and Sphinx Ink for posting kind words about my writing and pictures of the cover of "Swords" in particular. Thanks to Susan for her blurb-worthy quotes on "Swords" today. Thanks to Randy for being the first to review "Swords" on Amazon. And he liked it too! And thanks to everyone else who has read and commented on my blog and wished me the best. I hope I'll be reading more of everyone's work soon. There are some talented people in this group.

Btw, the whippoorwills are back. Or they never left. I heard them again last night, although not as frequently as I did a few weeks back.


JR's Thumbprints said...

I sincerely believe blogging is a great way to communicate with other folks with varying interests. I just hope some of the exfelons out there quit looking me up--hazards of the trade I guess.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

Actually, I'm not really allowed to be a formal part of the community. The last time I tried, some large guy came to the door and threatened me with a spoon should I continue to claim membership. And so, I can technically only claim fringe. I like fringe, though. So, you know.

Donnetta said...

Charles, you offer so much to everyone when it comes to writing. Especially a novice like me...And thanks for visiting everyone else's blogs!

Steve Malley said...

Same here back atcha Charles. It's a real pleasure to know you, and yeah, mighty neat to have a whole circle of friends I've never physically met.

In other news, I'm excited the Talera books are coming out so close together. I do three or four orders a year from Amazon (to save a bit on shipping), and now I can get all the whole trilogy at once!

minus273 said...

Just ordered "Wings". You are getting published faster than I can keep up reading. Congrats! I hope the 3rd book comes out soon so I can have all for signing.
You do have a problem you may not have noticed yet, Amazon has your name as

"Charles, Allen Gramlich"

Same f/u as on your 1st book. You're going to have to get really tough with Amazon over this. Twice is twice too many.

Charles Gramlich said...

JR, I have students who still look me up but I feel a little more comfortable about it than you probably do. Not sure why. ;)

Stewart, you've raised the level of the fringe. Red Ryder wrote a song about your kind, you know.

Donnetta, thanks. I appreciate the good words.

Steve, yeah, if you can get the shipping saver from Amazon it can make quite a difference. I usually try to package my orders in that way too.

minus, I see that, but last time I tried to correct them about the comma they erased my whole last name.

Erik Donald France said...

Right on, Charles. It's nice having living writer people to communicate with, not just dead writers like Voltaire and Goethe to connect with.

RK Sterling said...

Must agree with you and Donnetta. :)