Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Quick Gray Fox

Last night I watched a gray fox sniff around in the yard under my office window for nearly half an hour. I think I've mentioned that we've been throwing out table scraps in our back yard now that we're in the country, and the animals are definitely coming by. Three of our raccoon friends were back last night as well. The biggest of the three coons spent his/her time on our bird feeder stump, carefully picking out the sunflower seeds from the pile. Two smaller coons came up under my window to search around, and one came completely up our back steps to our door. At one point, the fox and one coon faced off, but the fox thought better of any confrontation and went on about his business. I'd also noticed yesterday a tiny fairy ring of mushrooms growing at one side of our deck, and this morning those shrooms were gone and there were signs of digging. I wonder what ate them, and am suspecting it was an armadillo, although we didn't see it.

In more writing related news, I'm reading an excellent collection of essays by Jim Sallis called "Gently into the Land of the Meateaters." Some of my favorites here are his essays on the writing life. Jim has definitely lived something of a bohemian life and has met some interesting characters. I found this collection at the library.

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