Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our back yard is full of robins as I write this. For the past three days we've been swarmed with them. Not that we mind. Not at all. We'd been lamenting last week the fact that we didn't seem to have a lot of birds around our new place. I've also noticed that we still have a few butterflies during the day, despite several nights of frost. It made me wonder where they are staying at night, and I had an image of some giant ball of butterflies blowing through the forest in the dark hours. Thursday, we also had a sudden influx of giant stinkbugs. These were at least as long as my little finger, with a wingspan close to the width of my entire hand. Prehistoric looking beasties.

In eating news, my son came on Friday and I fixed turkey, rolls and baked potatoes on Saturday. None of it came out quite perfect but it wasn't too bad. Sometimes I give thanks for civilization. The turkey was already smoked so I just had to heat it up, though it came out a touch dry. The rolls were brown and serve and took five minutes to heat. The cranberry sauce came from a can. At least I baked the taters myself.

I'm sorry to see this little break nearly over. Back to work tomorrow. Aieeee!

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Sphinx Ink said...

Charles, I really enjoy hearing about the different kinds of wildlife visiting your new place. I've even seen robins in Metairie from time to time (though not recently). Alas, however, the robins will probably leave in a couple of weeks--they're migrating south this time of year, but they go farther south than Louisiana. (I think they may migrate to South America.) Enjoy them while they're around.