Monday, October 02, 2006

Sword and Planet

I have a Sword & Planet fantasy trilogy that I'd like to see in print. Sword & Planet is one name for a genre that pretty much began with Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series. The basic premise is of an earthman transported to an alien planet where he must use his strength, wits, and a sword to survive against alien warriors and amid exotic alien women who seem better able to appreciate him than did the women of Earth. To me, it's just the most fun genre to read and write in, and I wish more of these types of books were being published.

My planet is called "Talera," and the trilogy consists of Swords of Talera, Wings Over Talera, and Witch of Talera. The first two were published as magazine serials, and the last was written for the same magazine, which unfortunately folded before it could see print. It would be nice to see the three of them in paperback.

Last night I started working on a query letter for the trilogy to a small publisher. I should get that finished today and email it off. Wish me luck.

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