Monday, October 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Over the weekend the contractors came and now we have a cool tin-roofed deck behind the house and a nice landing and walkway in front. Yeah! I didn't get a lot of sleep with them in and out but it was worth it to sit outside on the deck last night having a beer while the rain pinged on the tin roof. I also noticed a new shadow in our backyard last night, from our porch light. I'm not sure what part of the deck it is reflected from but it looks a bit like a scarecrow with one arm longer than the other. I wonder if tomorrow night it'll look more like a scarecrow. Each night it'll become more distinct, perhaps, until one night I'll find the shadow gone from the yard...and standing right behind me.

In the meantime, our hydroseeded grass is coming up pretty good and looking all green and healthy. I'm wondering what has happened to the two little dogs who used to visit our yard, though. Haven't seen either of them in about a week. Maybe I won't walk on the grass today.

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