Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Writing Slow Down

The last few days have been consummed with moving related issues. It's all the little details that are maddening. Just changing an address is a major undertaking. Then there's setting up the garbage collection, the phone, the TV, the internet. I haven't had much time to actually write so I've been jotting a few lines of poetry here and there on notepads and have been doing some reading about writing. I also stopped in at Books-A-Million on the Northshore, which isn't far from our place. I bought another David Gemmell book. A few days back I stopped at the Abita Springs library to get a library card but they said I had to bring in a bill with my new address on it as proof I was living there. I'll do that next week.

The movers come on Monday to haul our life from Metairie to Abita Springs, so we have to have everything out of the way for that. Today and Sunday will be full, especially since I also have to go to graduation ceremonies at Xavier today. Best get to it, I guess.

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