Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Checking In

Well, we're moved into the new house. Now the hard work is to get everything unpacked and organized. I've been working on my office and have my bookshelves and computer set up, and some books on the shelves. We still don't have internet or phone. The phone guy came yesterday but had problems. He's supposed to come back today. I've also got to call the net people but was going to wait until after the TV people come tomorrow. I had to come to work today and am using my university net service, but I don't want to drive an hour hear each day for that. I will try to be checking net stuff at the local library in Abita Springs. But there may still be gaps in this blog.

It's great to be in the new place, with trees on three sides of us. I'll post some pictures down the line. We did find that our AC wasn't cooling well and finally I crawled under the house and found that the builders had left one vent open to the ground and cool air was filling the area beneath the trailer. I got it taped up temporarily but we have a call in to them to fix that.

And now it's off to unpack more books. Man I have a lot of books.

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