Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moving is a Pain

When you have a lot of books, that is. I've just been working 12 hour days the past week getting the new house organized and a big part of that was just getting my books put up. I've made good progress, though. Yesterday I tucked boxes of stuff away in the closets and now I have room to move around in the house.

Unfortunately, we've found that the builders did a half assed job on many things. The AC wasn't cooling, because they left a vent open underneath the house and it was nice and cool there. I taped it up but they are supposed to come soon to fix it. We also found leaks around the intake area of the AC where the carpet is getting wet. Not sure what that means but I'll have them check it out. Our dishwasher is not bolted in, and our hot water heater apparently doesn't work. In other news, we've been waiting for a phone line for a week now. Who'd a thunk it could take so long. It should be another 7 to 8 days before we get internet set up at the new place as well, but I'll be checking in here as I can. I haven't been able to get out of the house to even go to the library because we have people supposed to come over constantly to fix things.

But, hey, it's nice to see the trees and hear the frogs and birds.


Admin said...


Glad to hear you are moved in. I'm going to be experiencing the same thing in a couple of months - building a new house and then moving.

Any tips on making it easier?


Sidney said...

My dread ever moving my books again. My wife thinks that many volumes are expendable, but she just doesn't understand.

Eric Paul said...

Oh God, books. I've had construction guys in my room working on my ceiling, and repainting the walls, and having to shove a good deal of my flotsam, literary and otherwise, to one side of the room. I can't find anything with ease, and when I do I chalk it up to archaeology! Damn you, Katrina. Daaarrrlll!

Eric Paul said...
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Charles Gramlich said...

Brad, my advice is to double check everything yourself. We hired a professional and he still missed a lot of stuff. I was quite irritated. I should have climbed under the house myself, and pulled on the dishwasher myself, and so on.

Sid and Eric, for the first time in my life I think I was actually cursing my books (gently of course). That doesn't mean I'm willing to part with any volumes. I don't even understand the concept of "Expendable" books? Vas is dat?