Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2019 - 2020 Reading Stats

Some of you may remember that I record my reading year from October 14 (my birthday) to October 13 of the next year. Then I typically give a report on it. So, here is my reading report for October 2019 to October 2020.

I wasn’t particularly surprised that my number of read books this year was down from last year, which was a record setting year for me with 129 completed books. I was somewhat surprised that it was much lower than my typical average of 90 to 100 books read a year. I only finished 66 books this past year, which is my lowest number since 2001/2002.

I’m pretty sure I know the reasons why the number is down so much. First, the Covid pandemic has taken its toll on me. It’s added considerably to my workload at school, requiring both more time reassuring students and much more time learning a whole new approach to teaching. I’m still not satisfied with all my adjustments. Covid has also affected my mood, although as an introvert I don’t think it’s caused me any kind of real depression. But, when I do get a few minutes off I’ve often chosen mindless video games over the cognitive involvement of reading. It’s a stress escape behavior.

The second reason why my reading numbers is down, however, is much more positive. I’ve completed three 74,000 word (roughly) novels in the past year, and I’m proud of all of them. This has upped my nonfiction reading, for research purposes, but a lot of that is on line or articles that don’t get counted in my book totals. In addition, where I used to sit down in the evening for an hour or two with a good book, I’m often returning to my computer these days to finish my word count for the day—a necessary action to meet deadlines and to work around my regular job hours.

As far as details go. My SF reading was up this year, with 12 books in that genre. It was my go to genre apparently. Perhaps another escape since the books I wrote had nothing to do with SF. My westerns and thrillers were at 9 each, which was well down from the 20+ in each last year. The 5 nonfiction books I read were all research related. 2 of the 3 poetry books I read were also research related.

The only other interesting thing is that last year, for the first time, I started separating out “Men’s adventure Novels” as a genre. I had 5 then, and 5 more this year so that seems pretty stable. At any rate, thanks for letting me indulge myself once more in “talkin’ about books.” Till next year!



Jeff said...

You are still reading more books than me—I read 49 in 2019 and have read 40 some YTD.

Sage. I’m now blogging at www.fromarockyhillside.com

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Charles, three 70,000-plus word novels is a fine achievement. Are any of these sword and sorcery novels? For various reasons, my reading went for a toss this year.

David Cranmer said...

I'm stoked to hear of those three novels, Charles. And congrats!

Unknown said...

Jeff. thanks for updating me on your new blog.

Prashant, afraid none of them are S & S. One western, one set around the turn of the century but with a "zorro" vibe, and one contemporary thriller with a Texas Ranger protaganist.

David, thanks. the second one, Vengeance of the Black Rose is about to come out

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Thanks, Charles. I'm intrigued by the "turn of the century" novel.