Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Dream of Tigers

I’m not big on dream interpretation. Most of my dreams relate in a direct fashion to things I’ve recently read, watched or experienced. But last night’s dream begs for interpretation, and I have one.

It was on the farm where I grew up. My sister, Dolores, and two of my brothers, Paul David and Raymond,  were with me in the big field below our house. We were separated from each other but had our guns because something had been bothering the cattle. I was walking the fence line when I heard two deer bounding away in the narrow band of trees behind me. As I looked for what had startled the deer, I saw a tiger stalking through the field on the other side of the fence. It hadn’t seen me yet. 

Suddenly afraid, I  ran toward my brothers and sister, yelling a warning. The tiger came into the field where we were. It was strangely elongated. It must have been thirty feet long, with weird “S” curves in its body. I realized the tiger had focused on my sister. I opened fire with my rifle to prevent it reaching her but the bullets had no effect. Dolores was near the pond and when the tiger reached her it broke into a number of smaller tigers and attacked.

Dolores disappeared and then the tiger turned and looked at me. It was just one again. I ran toward our house, hoping for a hiding place. I managed to reach the house and get the door shut, but the tiger burst through that flimsy barrier. I slammed another door in its face and it burst through that one too. I ran, slamming doors that it smashed away. I’d lost my gun but was searching for another in a panic as I woke up.

So, what is the interpretation? Well, Dolores died of colon cancer. I’m convinced the tiger represented that cancer. That elongated, curved tiger could even be said to resemble one’s intestines. But why should I have this dream? Now? Well, yesterday I had a colonoscopy. I’d been worried about it, afraid the tiger was going to come after me. Fortunately, they found only a couple of small polyps that don’t indicate any problems. Only after the relief of that news could my fears finally surface in a dream. 


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Cloudia said...

Sorry about your sister. Impressed by your telling, and interpretation, Charles

Charles Gramlich said...

Daniel, this kind of thing doesn't really work does it?

Cloudia, thanks. I appreciate that.

BernardL said...

That dream became a grim reminder of what was and what can be. A very visual interpretation of a demon we must all face, both through the loss of loved ones and our own mortality.

Charles Gramlich said...

Bernard, yes. it's one that will stay with me a good while.

Angie said...

Wow. Congrats on the negative test. And yeah, that does seem to be a decent interpretation of your dream. Major suck about your sister. :(


Charles Gramlich said...

Angie, thanks. I'm pretty relieved.

Shadow said...

Wheeew, I'm glad you have a bill of health. I tend to 'solve' my problems in my dreams, getting answers to questions, finding a path through the darkness, I may call on you for assistance, you have a good angle on things. Have a happy week Charles, and keep on dreaming *smiles*

Erik Donald France said...

Very impressive!

One of my sisters has lupus, literally "the Wolf" that attacks one's own body -- a close parallel to your dream imagery.

I know someone else who dreams of alligators on a fairly regular basis.

Charles Gramlich said...

Shadow, it was a big relief to hear for sure. Thanks for visiting.

Erik, You'd think I'd dream more of gators living down here.

UplayOnline said...

yeah, that does seem to be a decent interpretation of your dream. Major suck about your sister. :(

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