Thursday, June 17, 2010

Around the Web

Stewart Sternberg did a review of Cold in the Light over at Elder Signs Press Blog. Although he didn’t just say positive things about the book, the positives certainly outweighed the negatives and I believe he enjoyed the novel quite a lot. I’ve linked to the review here, but I’ve also quoted a couple of my “favorite” pieces from the review below.

“At its heart, Gramlich’s story is an old fashioned science fiction tale from the fifties or early sixties—and that’s not a bad thing. His writing at times reminded me of Heinlein, with its muscular prose and solid pacing. Gramlich though infuses modern, edgy sensibility and carefully sets the stage for jarring action sequences with a strong cinematic quality to them.”

“In one outstanding chapter, where the heroes are preparing for a last stand in an old sawmill, it is easy to call to mind the work of director John McTiernan (Predator) or Ridley Scott (Alien).”

Thanks, Stewart, for reading and reviewing. I appreciate your honesty.

Also, Natasha Fondren is running a great series on how to format books for Amazon Kindle. Since I’m planning to publish my western collection through Amazon in July, this is spot on information and great timing for me. Check it out. I’m certainly following it with care. Much appreciated, Natasha.

Rich over at Meridian Bridge is also still running his My Personal West series of posts. I'm finding these fascinating. I did one for the series and more have gone up since, or are going up soon. The West has been on my mind a lot lately.


fairyhedgehog said...

That's a pretty impressive review, comparing you to Heinlein and nitpicking that you need more editing - like Stephen King does!

Great stuff. Congratulations.

Leigh Russell said...

Great review, Charles. It's a good feeling, isn't it? Road Closed has just come out and the reviews are beginning... It's a little nerve wracking before they start, isn't it? So wel done again!

nephite blood spartan heart said...

Thanks for the links-I want to learn the best methods for the e-books too.

I try to find balance in reviews-sounds like the good far outweighs the nitpicks.

Great piece about your western neck of the woods too.

Travis Erwin said...

I too am enjoying the series at Meridian Bridge

Lana Gramlich said...

Congrats, hon. :)

Erik Donald France said...

I dig -- and will keep to your highlights -- very cool. Haven't gotten my sister's take except to say that she enjoyed reading.

jodi said...

Charles, that review sounds great. Nice going!

Charles Gramlich said...

fairyhedgehog, yeah, I felt pretty positive about it.

Leigh, Thanks. Yes, always nerve wracking to see one's reviews.

David J. West, glad you enjoyed.

Travis Erwin, it's right down your alley, I'd say, with the My town sorts of posts. Besides, I always KNEW Texas was part of the west.

Lana, thank you sweety.

Erik, thanks. I'm glad to hear that about your sister.

Jodi, thankee.

laughingwolf said...

'cold' is still my fave by you, charles, but you know that ;)

thx for the links, will check em out...

Lisa said...

Wow that is really a great review you received Charles. And to be an old fashioned is special.

And I would like to thank you for your kind "review" of my last post. It motivates me to write more and better :)

sage said...

I agree, sounds like a great review and the reviewer placed you in some good company!

ivan said...

Sounds like Stewart Sternberg knows his stuff.
Good, tight review, even if a faux-tap on the forehead with a Dixon pencil now and then.

Geez. I would be honoured if Mr. Sternberg would review my reissue of my "Fire in Bradford," which is coming out in two weeks.

ivan said...

If it's of any interest, I have sent the following letter to another Charles, a Charles Fallon, of the blog ChuckerCanuck 2, in Montreal, about my book about to be published. It's about professor and his Helen of Troy bitch goddess.

Letter Goes:


I guess by now you've realized I'm sort of like Ringo Starr when it comes to politics, your specialty. "I'm a mocker."

Anyway, there is a re-issue of a book of mine, the Fire in Bradford, strangely, published by a Montreal guy...Warbrooke Publishers.

I think I read somewhere that at quieter times, you review books.

The Fire in Bradford is coming out in two weeks. If you choose to review it, I'd be honoured.



Cloudia said...

proud to know you, Charles!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Charles Gramlich said...

laughingwolf, yep. That one certainly took me the longest to write. But maybe I'm faster now.

Ocean Girl, there's a reason why most of the books I read are older ones. There was still a lot of great storytelling in those days, more substance it seems sometimes than there always is today.

sage, yep, I'm pretty pleased with it.

ivan, I think Stewart reviews almost all horror related stuff. You could check out his blog, though. Hope you get a review from that other Charles.

Cloudia, you're pretty sweet to say it.

ivan said...


Oh, I didn't realize Stewart was a genre reviewer. I am right now in possession of a review by a politician, who, in America would be called a Third Ward Bigwig.
...Says he hasn't read all the book, but likes the local colour, that is to say Central Ontario, Canada.

Durn. Politics everywhere.


Rick said...

Morning, Charles. I just reviewed the review, and honestly I think his review could have used more editing and a stronger emphasis on economy. :)

I need to get hold of a copy of this one and read it myself, then if you can handle one more review, I'll post one.

BernardL said...

Solid reviews are gold when linked to the listing. I'm certain it will help sales.

Thanks for the link to Kindle book prep.

Charles Gramlich said...

ivan, congrats. Getting someone influential is always a good start.

Rick, lol. Cold in the Light was my first published novel so it's quite my baby. That's weird. It's my eldest I guess, but it feels like my baby. It might be down your alley as a horror writer/reader.

BernardL, unfortunately Cold's sales have been pretty stagnant for the last year.

Heff said...

Aw, c'mon man - post some of the NEGATIVES, TOO !, lol !

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Charles,

The west might be on your mind, but you and Lana need to come to the MIDwest to see me! And all your other Detroit buddies. :)

pattinase (abbott) said...

Muscular prose is what we all strive for. A very good review.

ivan said...

Geez, I think I'm in here too much.

But a good, honest review from Stewart Sternberg seems to have satisfied everybody.

Meanwhile, on my own straight-novel work, here I what I get from Charles Fallon. I am encouraged as well:


I would be thrilled to read, review and plug the book on my site.

This is terrific news.

Let me know how to get my hands on a copy and I will get cracking.


Barbara Martin said...

Excellent review, and well stated from a long-time writer.

Bernita said...

One always trusts a review that picks a few nits along with well-deserved praise, especially when the reviewer backs up his opinions so well.
Rather than imply your style is old-fashioned, I take it he means "classic."
You manage to write both reliable and exciting at the same time.

Steve Malley said...

As they say here in NZ, 'O for awesome'! :)

Spy Scribbler said...

Aww, thanks for the shout-out, Charles! :-)

Awesome review! Congratulations!

Charles Gramlich said...

Heff, oh no, you have to go all the way over to the full review to read those, man.

Michelle, we'd like to visit Detroit. Lots of intersting folks up that way.

pattinase (abbott), yes, I liked that line particularly!

ivan, good news indeed. Better get right on that one while the iron is hot.

Barbara Martin, agreed. And thanks.

Bernita, the Talera books have had the same basic thing said about them, and I like that because I always strive for a classic feel rather than something trendy.

Steve Malley, dude, you haven't blogged much of late. I do see you around facebook. When's your next post coming?

Natasha Fondren, I almost didn't want to send folks your way. Competition and all, you know. But I let my good side overcome my bad side.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Comparing it to "Alien" and "Predator" -- Wow! I've got to put that book in my line-up.

As for reviews, I'm still waiting to see if Spencer Drew does a write-up on my chapbook. He's brutally honest and I'm waiting for the punishment. Chance may be slim, since I can't find anyone to distribute the damn thing ... hey Ivan, you busy?

Charles Gramlich said...

JR., yeah, I liked the Alien and Predator references because those are great movies.

Greg said...

congrats on the review. I agree with what he said about the "last stand" scene -- i never thought it about it like that, but I could certainly see it played out that way on the big screen. maybe you should see about optioning movie rights!

Charles Gramlich said...

Greg, I've wanted to sell Cold in the Light to the movies. I sent it to the only movie connected person I know but nothing ever came of that.