Thursday, December 06, 2007

Surreal Corner

I'm off school today. No grading to do right at the moment. Washing a load of clothes and cleaning up around the house a bit today, and I hope to get some good writing work done as the day progresses.

In the meantime, for a rather surreal experience, I post something I located on the net this morning. At least it seemed surreal to me. It apparently occurred in 1940.

Carole Landis, lush, blond cinemactress whose ambition is to graduate from cheese cake pictures to Bette Davis roles, played the outraged woman in an offset drama.

A man broke into her dressing room, announced himself as "Grimmick, the attorney," started in a businesslike way to unzip her black tights. Her screams brought suave Cinemactor George Sanders, a gatekeeper and a studio policeman. Later, in the Hollywood police station, Carole pointed an indignant finger at smirking Attorney Charles Gramlich, a former mental patient, and undramatically said: "That's the guy."


Danette Haworth said...

Ha! Must be your evil twin brother! BTW, love the photo!

Lana Gramlich said...

I knew you had to be some kind of perve in a past life. Keep up the good work. ;)

virtual nexus said...

The thick plottens.

....Dyed her hair, changed her name, and starred as a cave girl in One Million BC....'40

moonrat said...

wow!!! i wish i had some scandalous alter-egos.

Erik Donald France said...

1. Lucky~!!!!!
2. Green thing -- native garb from the set of Aguirre Wrath of God?
3. Whatever happened to that former Charles avatar?

Steve Malley said...


Of course, it's gotta be coincidence. I mean, Gramlich, it's *such* a common name.

At least ten pages in most cities' phone books.... ;-)

SQT said...

I never find stuff that interesting when I google my name.

Shauna Roberts said...

You didn't answer the question that leaped immediately to my mind--are you related to this guy?

(My husband has an unusual last name and to our knowledge, everyone in the US with the same last name is related to him. And for some strange reason, a large proportion of them are also named David.)

steve on the slow train said...

After reading that, I had to Google myself. A few years ago there was another Stephen Wylder who was (1) a priest in a bizarre offshoot of Anglicanism, and (2) looking for a dominatrix (San Diego area). He's not there any more--at least not on Google.

Travis Cody said...

Whenever I google my name I end up wondering whether I really exist. I either get the comic book character from Animal Man or Thomas Cochran's character from Roughnecks.

AvDB said...

And all I get from vanity searches is three ring binder ads.

Bernita said...

There's a plot bunny for you!

Charles Gramlich said...

Charles, I will have a somewhat stranger photo to show you today.

Lana, you know me!

Julie, Lol.

Moonrat, surely there's a "rat" somewhere in your family past.

Erik, he's living in Detroit last I heard.

Steve Malley, the only place I've ever found quite a few Gramlichs in the phone book was St. Louis. That's apparently where the Arkansas Gramlichs came from.

SQT, maybe if you had vowels in your name. ;)

Shauna, I imagine that I am distantly. There's not a lot of Gramlich's in the US. But I'm not sure. he's not mentioned in the family Bible. I know that.

Steve, I guess he found the dominatrix. I hope they're happy.

Travis, I predict a namesake of yours will do something bizarre soon.

Avery, well, that's not as good as Steve Wylder's Dominatrix story, for sure.

Bernita, yes, I have to remember not to sweep it under the rug.

Shauna Roberts said...

This incident may be the reason he's not listed in the family Bible. :-)

Farrah Rochon said...

Just when you think you're the only one in the world.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Charles! How could you! ;o)

That photo is very cool, what is it?

the walking man said...

UHHHH you stated an age in your last post responses, now either you are the cad in this blurb and have seriously lied about your age or maybe your grandaddy has a skeleton in his closet.

Now that it with the green growth, if I can get my hair that long again I think I will color it that shade of green but not the beard.



the walking man said...

PS I googled my own name Mark Durfee and found out I was a hit and run driver that was killed in a hit and run. Funny I never felt a thing.

virtual nexus said...

My (maiden)namesake runs a pub up in Yorkshire - but the name is indigenous to the area....