Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tigers, Razorbacks and Saints, Oh My

I’m excited. Football season is here again. College games started this past weekend. The pro season begins officially tonight with the opening game between last year’s Super Bowl champs, the Indianapolis Colts, and our own New Orleans Saints. I like the Colts. I respect Tony Dungee and Peyton Manning. I hope we kick their ass.

I actually prefer college football to the pro game. There seems to be more sheer enthusiasm for the game among college players, many of whom will not be going on to sign NFL contracts and do endorsements. They are amateurs in the sense that they are playing for the love of the game. College games are often more exciting to me, but I certainly do watch the pros as well.

As for teams that I follow? The Arkansas Razorbacks is my number one team. I grew up in Arkansas and the Razorbacks might as well be the only team in the state. I root for the New Orleans Saints, although there have been times in the past when I was so disgusted with them that I wouldn’t even watch them. Before I moved to the New Orleans area I rooted for, in order, the Oakland Raiders, the Green Bay Packers, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I tend to root for the LSU Tigers, unless they play Arkansas.

Is football over hyped and often full of showboating athletes? Yes. Is football a rather silly pastime in an age when we have many social, political and global problems? Yes. I certainly get irritated when there’s an hour’s worth of nonsense on TV before the game even begins. I get angry when I see some athlete spouting crap as if he’s God’s gift to humanity. But when the game begins. When the teams take the field and I hear that first pop of leather as foot meets football, I’m there. I’m ready. I love the game itself. Take away the hype. Take away the posturing. Take away the unsportsmanlike taunts and the silly end zone antics and you have something worthwhile. Maybe it’s not important in the global scheme of things, but it serves a need. At least for me.

Go Razorbacks! Go Saints! Go football!


Danny Tagalog said...

Well, I know about the dilemma. I don't want to watch football (soccer), and I told myself, NO, but come a big match with my team - I was there downloading software to watch it. Enjoyed it, but feel weak...

Lisa said...

Couldn't help but share the Far Side cartoon image that popped into my head where the person is talking away to a dog and the dog is hearing "blah blah blah blah"...that's what happens anytime I'm hearing or reading about sports! ;)

Donnetta said...

Football. Well, everybody has to like something! (I don't watch it, but I do follow the scores when OU and OSU have games.)
Donnetta (OSU grad)

Sidney said...

My dad, who played briefly for Louisiana Tech, though he never graduated, always liked college football the best too.

He liked LSU the best as a fan, though my uncle lived in Arkansas and so the Razorbacks were followed as well.

the walking man said...

Talk to the old lady if it has sport somewhere in the title or definition she's there and into it, like leaning into the TV. Just one of the things that proves the old saw about opposites attract. Personally I think it's the young boys in tight pants bending over that get her. But then she brings up hockey where there are no jock lines to be seen so I guess she likes sports.

For me they are easier on my liver than doing an extra few drugs to catch a nap during. I do like the Lions though because they haven't won shit in the 53 years i have been alive so if I live till I am 70 or so they'd have that record.



Steve Malley said...

I miss football sometimes. Here we have rugby, which is like 30's or 40's era football, with a constantly moving line of scrimmage (talk about a hurry-up offense) and no forward pass.

Oh, and no pads.

No helmets, either.

The All Blacks may win the World Cup this year, and our own Canterbury Crusaders won the Super12!

Michelle's Spell said...

I don't watch much football, but I do love basketball and have to agree -- it's a nice thing in a world full of serious issues. I think there's something beautiful and magical about sports -- you just can't get around it!

Charles Gramlich said...

Danny, I grok you.

Lisa, well you can't be perfect, I suppose.

Donnetta, you are forgiven.

Sidney, I didn't know your dad played. I considered going out for college football but when I attended a practice to see what it looked like and realized the water boys and cheerleaders were bigger than I was I decided against it.

Mark, The Saints still have the Lions beat in overall "aint-worth-shitness."

Steve, football as it was meant to be played. I've never played Rugby but always thought I'd enjoy it.

Michelle, yes, absolutely right.

Bernita said...

Yes, less spectacle and more sport.

Travis Cody said...

Football does fill a need...I'm ready to overdose on it this weekend.

I must say that after Appy St took out Michigan, I'm not likely to overlook too many other games this season.