Friday, September 07, 2007

Night to Dawn #12

I got my contributor copies for Night to Dawn #12 yesterday and the magazine looks very nice. I actually was not expecting it to be so beautifully done, and at almost 90 pages it's thicker than I expected as well. My piece, which is either a micro fiction or a prose poem, depending on how you define it, is called "When the White Mist." It's...uhm, well, rather a romantic piece. If you've read any of my novels you might be surprised. No gore or bloody battles. Just love, albeit slightly on the kinky side.

If you want to check out the website it's here. Note, if you do go to the website do not click on the "check out my blog" link at the top or you will be taken to a porno site. Barbara Custer is the editor and I think her blog address has been, shall we say...compromised. The rest of the website is fine.


cs harris said...

I'm intrigued. Looking forward to reading it!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on yet another piece published! Oh, and thanks for the warning about the porn site :)

Angie said...

Congrats! That's very cool! :D

And it looks like the editor's blog was caught up in that Blogspot hack I read about... a week or two ago? Don't remember where or even exactly when, but apparently a lot of blogs were hacked into and their content replaced with porn. [sigh] That's really annoying; I hope Google's working on getting them fixed and secured. :/


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wow, I was a bit taken back at first with that site. I think you have a gift to write stories like these. It takes great imagination and although I have imagination, it goes it a different direction.
Well done.

Congratulations on the publishing.

Donnetta said...

Congrats yet again, Charles! Good to be versatile. You always "make the grade."

John Ricci said...
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Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

Erik Donald France said...

Kudos, Charles!

Hacking blogs -- how low can people get?

Sphinx Ink said...

Congrats, Charles! It's always great to see your work in print.

the walking man said...

Hey don't use porno in your subject line if you're not going to display it...sacrilege. Just kidding feminist folks.

Strange looking web site that your latest accomplishment was published in their hard cover edition Charles. Congratulations and all that but have you ever thought about maybe some psychiatric counseling?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk



Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, Erik, and oh Sphinxy one.

Mark, you do know I'm a psychologist don't you? I've already healed myself.

the walking man said...

Yes Charles I knew what you do as a side line, as a mater of fact I am here to forward treat all psychiatrists with the same folksy friendly matter i treat you with. Asking a question every time they ask me one.