Monday, April 09, 2007

Manna From Heaven

I guess Easter is the appropriate time for manna from Heaven. I was off Thursday and Friday for Easter break and figured I'd get some sleep in. I didn't, or not as much as I'd planned anyway. Ended up writing for ten to twelve hours a day because of some nice projects that fell into my lap. It wasn't like I didn't have enough to do, but I already mentioned here that I'm going to take off this summer from teaching and these projects are coming at just the right time. We only have a few more weeks of school before summer is here. Anyway, my writing time is set for a while, but the end results should be pretty nice.

Sorry to be so cryptic about said projects, but I've learned not to talk about the "bird" until it's in my hand. It may be superstition, but as they say, things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Well, we'll see. I'm anchoring myself in now and will have to be torn up by the roots.


RK Sterling said...

Well, here's hoping that bird is sitting pretty and delivering some golden eggs into your hand real soon. :)

Steve Malley said...

I'm the same way. It's like there's a deep streak of 'unfounded optimism' (flakiness) in many of those who want to give work to creative types.

I've had work picked up by anthologies that folded before their first issue (more than once), done design work for low-budget movies that never got made, illustrated books that were never printed and once took a deposit to paint a mural in a home. The check bounced, and it turned out they'd moved away that week.

Never count the job paid until the money's in hand (I like to bury mine in jars in the back yard), and never give the job a name until you've got a contributor's coy in your hands.

Better to be vague than have friends and rellies go, "I thought you said you was gonna be in that there book, but the book store? They done never heard of it..."

Why yes, I *am* the first member of my family to wear shoes. Why do you ask?

JR's Thumbprints said...

What is it with teachers and summers off? I envious, very very envious. I wish I had more time to dedicate to my writing. Good luck with the projects.

Lucas Pederson said...

Way to be Charles, way to be.

Erik Donald France said...

Charles, sounds great -- good luck and godspeed on the projects and through the summer writing process.

Charles Gramlich said...

thanks, Kate, Lucas, Erik. Steve, I've experienced much the same. JR, this is only the second summer I've had off in 20 years of teaching, although I got into teaching in part because I thought it would give me time to write. Hasn't happened much.