Sunday, January 14, 2007

Warning, Football

OK, I know this doesn't have anything to do with writing, but one does not live by word alone. The Saints are in the NFC Championship game! Let me repeat, The...New...Orleans...Saints, are IN the NFC Championship game!!! This is unprecedented. It has never happened before in the 40 year history of the organization. We won a playoff game last night by beating the Philadelphia Eagles, doubling our number of playoff wins to "Two." And that win means that we are one of four teams left in contention for this year's Super Bowl. I can't stress enough how this has NEVER happened before.

I've been a Saints fan since moving to the New Orleans area in 1986, and during that time I've suffered through some pretty lousy play. The Saints did have a few years where they won quite a few games, but the playoffs always left us cold and one thing you could always count on from a Saints team was that, when someone needed to step up, they didn't. No one did. For the first time in our history THIS Saints team is different. When they need someone to step up, they get it! Last night we were ahead 27 to 24, driving to run out the clock, when Reggie Bush fumbled and the Eagles recovered. This has happened a hundred times in our past, and always--I mean ALWAYS--the other team would take our gift, drive down and score, and win the game. Last night the Defense stepped up. They held them, forced a punt. And now the Offense had to step up. We needed only one first down to run out the clock. Kiss of death for an old Saints team. But not this year. Deuce McAllister ran three times and he got the first. We got the win.

I am really proud and impressed with our team. I was particularly impressed with Deuce. Although our Offensive line blocked like heroes and opened nice holes, Deuce made a lot of yards after contact and he just, dammit, would not go down when he needed an extra yard, an extra foot, an extra fricking inch. He was certainly MVP in my mind, but the whole team is a credit to the fans this year. This really was a team effort. For example, at one point in the red zone Deuce got the ball and got hit solidly at the five. He should have been stopped, but he wouldn't quit pushing, and then our fullback, Mike Karney, got behind him and begin to push, and lineman carried through, pushing and pulling and dragging the pile. And "they" scored that touchdown from the five.

Tomorrow, I'll take us back to our regularly scheduled writing commentary, but for today. Saints Rule! And I've never said that before.


Sphinx Ink said...

Yeah you right! Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints, who dat?!

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I like the Saints a lot. I like Deuce McAlister, I like Bush. I like them all. I hope they go far.

It must be nice to cheer for a team to win. Me? The last two years I cheer for my team to lose. The Lions.

Go SAINTS!!! And by the way, aren't you guys glad you got rid of Ricky Williams and Ditka?

JR's Thumbprints said...

What ever happened to the New Orlean Aints? I guess they put the "S" back into the team. ("S" as in "Sure thing." Now if the Detroit Lions could get rid of the "L" then maybe they wouldn't be such horrible losers.

Sidney said...

Even though I a'int :-) in Louisiana anymore I'm proud and pleased! Geaux team!