Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Update Time

I’ve had a little more non-fiction published. My usual monthly column in The Illuminata is out. This month it’s on “Rest in Peace: Short Story,” which had its genesis right here in the blogosphere, mostly from following up on something that Stewart had posted. For those interested in writing, the newsletter editor, Bret Funk, has also started a series of pieces on the nuts and bolts of writing, starting with “Rules and Grammar: Glorious Tools or Proof that God Hates Writers.” As always, you can download a copy of the newsletter from the website. It’s Volume 5, Issue 5. Bret also runs contests for those of you who might be interested, although his latest contest just closed.

The other publication is in a book called Two-Gun Bob: A Centennial Study of Robert E. Howard, from Hippocampus Press and edited by Ben Szumskyj. It’s an article called “Robert E. Howard: A State of Mind,” and is a kind of psychological study of Howard. This book actually premiered in November at the World Fantasy Convention, and I understand it sold pretty well. The introduction was written by Michael Moorcock so that’s kind of nice.


ivan said...

Grungy, but sort of cool.


Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Charles,

Will read when time permits. Too bogged down with academic tripe right now - by the way - love Liar more than ever. Agree with your comments about the last line.

Oh, did you evet see the British TV sci fi called The Prisoner? Just re-acqainted myself with it.


Charles Gramlich said...

Ivan, and that's after I've had a bath.

Danny, I've seen a couple episodes but it's been a while and I don't recall much about it.

Heather said...

Great article. And I agree, if you are a writer of short stories you'd better not plan to pay your mortgage from your publishing receipts.

And thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my flash piece!

ZZZZZZZ said...

Very cool indeed... well done

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I just read the newsletter, and I think I'm going to pour through some back issues as well. This was a good read, the articles were interesting.

I liked your article..I loved the close. You know..first they came for the poets...

Good stuff, Mr. Gramlich
You talented guy you.

And Danny, are we talking about the old sixties show with Patrick McGoowan?

RK Sterling said...

Nicely done, Charles.

I love short stories--love reading them, love writing them. I've read about their demise with a heavy heart. (In fact, I've read so many editors' blogs/submission requirements that say NO ss, that my heart must weigh a ton by now.)

One of my favorite books is a collection of short stories called "Pig Cookies" by Alberto Alvaro Rios.

Erik Donald France said...

Hey Charles,

been enjoying your blog and nodding in agreement to a lot of your observations. Nice writing.

The Prisoner is like Kafka meets 007, if memory serves.

Charles Gramlich said...

I haven't read "Pig's Cookies," Kate. My favorite collection of short stories is "The Science Fiction Hall of Fame."

Thanks for the kind words, Sheila, Stewart, h. e., and Erik, and thanks for dropping by.

Sidney said...

Congrats on both. Will print the article so I can read it even if the lights go out. It's sleeting here today.