Sunday, May 28, 2006

Posting versus Not-Posting

I didn't post yesterday. When I started this blog I didn't plan to post every day. But I do want to keep up my momentum here as well as in writing.

I did manage my daily "paragraph" yesterday but didn't get any more actual writing done. I graded all those tests I mentioned a post or so ago, and I let myself catch up on a little sleep. I also started reading a book by Kate Wilhelm called Storyteller, which is subtitled "Writing lessons and more from 27 years of the Clarion Writers' Workshop." I never heard of Clarion until I was already an adult in graduate school. I would have loved to apply for something like that but the time never seemed available. Maybe they need to have a Clarion for older folks?

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Charles Gramlich said...

Every once in a while I see an ad for some writer's retreat in Hawaii or something and I wish I had the money to go. But most of those retreats cost more than I make in a year from writing so I don't think they're very cost effective.