Friday, May 26, 2006

The Cold Inside The Warm

Despite the crush of work at school, I accomplished a lot in writing yesterday. Most of it was non-fiction stuff that I needed to complete. Then I called up “The Cold Inside The Warm” to see if I could get anywhere with the story. This is the tale I mentioned starting a few entries back.

I rewrote the opening paragraph but then decided that the rough draft stuff I’d done after that was weak, or rather, not the right material to follow the opening. I copied that to another file and started drafting in a new direction. The words seemed to flow OK. At least the new stuff has more of the tone I’m looking for at the moment. The plot is secondary right now. It’ll come to me, but I know I can play around with a short story without wasting a lot of time. I wouldn’t dare do that with a novel, but sometimes I just like to see where things go in a story without having a road map to follow. Below is the opening paragraph.

In the dark, she wove--in the woods with the chill light of the full moon limning her twisted body. She wove with hawk feathers and ivy, with twigs of spruce laced through with witch hazel. In the dawn, she burned.

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