Sunday, November 01, 2020

Thomas McNulty's Book Corral

I just discovered Thomas McNulty's Book Corral. Thomas is a lifelong reader, a collector, and a writer himself. He seems to have a particular love for westerns. I haven't met Thomas but he has a lot of interesting stuff to say about his love of reading and about books.

Thomas does some video blogs as well and below I link to one that a friend of mine turned me onto yesterday. Thomas reviews some westerns, both older and newer books. He mentions James Reasoner and Jory Sherman, two fine authors that I read regularly. At about 5:03 in, he also talks about a newer book called "The Scarred One" by Tyler Boone (That would be me).

Thomas's comments made my day.  I recommend them highly. 😉

Check it out!

The Scarred One at Amazon


David Cranmer said...

How cool is that! I'll check out the links.

Lyn said...

Very cool! He's read your blog too! :)

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Charles, I love reading about other people's views on reading and collecting books; even more so if it's by writers and authors.

Jeff said...

How neat that he's read your work!

Charles Gramlich said...

David, thanks much. It was very cool.

Lyn, thanks

Prashant, me too

Jeff, it was pretty cool

Backpacking Ben said...

Intereesting thoughts