Saturday, October 05, 2019

The Color of the Day is Yellow

The trees and ditches are spattered with yellow along my walk this morning. In the woods it’s mostly leaves changing into their autumn attire. There’s still a lot of green but here and there a yellow flag flutters, pale or lemony or tending toward brown. And poking through the litter of leaves and twigs on the ground are a few yellow sprigs of fern. I suspect the ferns and some of the leaves on the plants in our backyard are yellow because it’s been dry.

Yesterday we had some rain, though, and the ditches are yellow with blooming flowers. There are at least four different species, the bouquets of duller yellow that I call ragweed, tiny little yellow starbursts about the size of a pencil eraser, bigger five petalled yellow flowers, and the biggest of all, standing on stems two to four feet high, yellow-orange blooms half the size of your palm with multiple petals that make them look like sawblades.  

Even the sunlight is yellow this morning. I guess it’s that kind of day. I think I’ll have a couple of eggs with yellow yokes, toast with yellow butter, and maybe some lemonade. 


Cloudia said...

Yellow Fellow ⭐๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿบ

Anonymous said...

Have you found the Yellow Sign?
Have you found the Yellow Sign?
Have you found the Yellow Sign?
Have you found the Yellow Sign?

--that oddly bloated looking guy you keep seeing around

Unknown said...

Cloudia, beer is yellowish

Anonymous. I make friends with the demons

Angie said...

Sounds like weather is actually following its proper schedule in your chunk of the world. :) A friend of mine is still sweltering somewhere in the midwest. Ohio, I think. And here in Seattle, it's been hot-cold-drizzle-hot-cold-thunderstorm-cold and it's supposed to be warming up again soon. :/ And a freeway about an hour from us got all snowed up last night, which is very weird for this time of year.

I mostly stay home anyway, but it's annoying when it goes hot-cold-hot-cold. Have to keep remaking the bed. :P