Sunday, March 17, 2019

A Lucid Dream

I had a somewhat unusual lucid dream last night. For those of you who don't know, a lucid dream is one in which you realize you're dreaming. In some lucid dreams you can completely control the dream, and in such cases I immediately start to fly. However, last night's dream was more one where I  came slowly to understand I was dreaming, and was trying to convince Lana of it, but I couldn't make radical changes in the dream flow.

It started when we had just gotten up in the morning and a small portable radio on our counter started playing on its own. I turned it off, then remarked to Lana that it was weird. I began looking around with a frown, and then told Lana that everything felt weird. She indicated that everything seemed normal to her. I told her that I thought we were in a dream, and she laughed. She watched me then as I did my "dream test," which is to see if I can jump up and touch the ceiling. I told her that if it were a dream I would be able to "hang" in the air for a moment. I tried it, and did not quite touch the ceiling, but there was a definite feeling of floating so I became absolutely convinced that it was a dream. Lana still argued against it.

Lana was getting dressed and then I realized that we were supposed to go to court this morning. I don't know why but I was going to be the defendant. We arrived at the courthouse (magically apparently) still arguing over whether this was a dream. As I went in the courthouse I was looking around for some mischief to get into. Lana directed us to a couple of plush seats and we sat down and then I smiled at her triumphantly and said:

OK, if this isn't a dream, can you explain to me why Batman is our judge?

Adam West was our judge, and his Batsuit was folded up on a chair beside him. I told Lana to watch this and got up from my chair with the intent of stealing the batsuit. West saw me, though, as I approached, and I turned to try and hide my intentions and he said in his classic Batman voice:

"Have spin moves become pat of the defendant's repertoire these days?"

At which point I laughed and woke up.


sage said...

Reading this I was reminded that I had a rather long and complex dream this morning that I forgot to write down--but it wasn't a lucid one. Interesting.

Unknown said...

Sage, I used to write my dreams down regularly but I seem to have lost my discipline in that

Riot Kitty said...

That's actually pretty cool, but we'll never know if you got away with the bat suit unless there's a dream sequel - so let us know, eh?

Unknown said...

Riot Kitty, Indeed, I will.

Snowbrush said...

What a great dream. Any dream that involves going to court had better be a lucid dream, eh, because of of how crummy it would be otherwise.

Do often find yourself knowing you're dreaming and make an effort to postpone awakening from it? I do, but I've yet to be able to stay asleep by an effort of will.