Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Horror October

My Halloween Flash #3 is almost ready but I probably won't get it posted till tomorrow. Today is Lana's birthday and we're off to the big city's bright lights for some fun and games. Actually, we're going to the insectorium because we just don't get enough bugs around here.

However, so as not to leave you Jonesing for some flash fiction horrors, two new folks have entered the lists with their own wicked quickie tales. So check 'em out for some shudders. The links are:

Fat Man
by Stewart Sternberg.


Twisted by Miladysa.

And Sidney Williams, Avery DeBow, and Laughingwolf still have their tales up as well. The links are below.

Having His Say by Sidney.

The Empress of the Fescue
, by Avery.

by Laughingwolf



Precie said...


Cath said...

Thanks Charles. I hope you and Lana (especially Lana!) have a great day.

I have some serious catching up to do here. For some strange reason, I only get to your blog late at night. Your last couple of posts have been... well... spooky to say the least. So I haven't read them. Not at 1am.
I will come by at a more reasonable time to read. I might even get one read now (it's only nearly 4pm) if I can persuade the family to starve a little longer...

Cath said...

Oh my goodness I actually managed to read them all without a child needing something.

God bless the Wii.
Great stories all round.

ivan said...

Insects, huh?

I keep confusing etymology, which is sort of my trade--study of words-- with entymology which is a study of bugs.

I guess you guys have the words all right.
But as kind of a Kafka fan, I think there is a six-foot cockkroach on my celing.

Kinda goes withe Halloween, I guess.

Gregor, will you get the hell off my ceiling? You're scaring the boarders.

Travis Erwin said...

Off to so some reading.

Heff said...


Hope you guys have some great "insects" tonight.

Tom Evans said...

That Kafka story always interested me. At the time I thought it was a bit rubbish but I must admit, that after a few years I can still remember it very well. You can't say that about many stories!

I enjoyed the Flash Fiction on here, good job all! I'm in the mood since I just hired a vampire outfit with an amazing red silk robe for Halloween - I've got two consecutive parties over that weekend so it should be good!

Rick said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, Lana!!

And there you go, you've filled up my reading bin again.

Chris Eldin said...

And Lana says it's Charles' birthday too!
That's very nice!

You kids. Too much fun over there in Louisianna.

Scott said...

Happy B-Day, Lana!:)

laughingwolf said...

thx charles... i put up another, freaky flash... II

honing the new, but have other oldies i'll repost as well :O lol

Barrie said...

Happy Birthday, Lana!

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks everyone for visiting. I don't really have a chance for individual comments or to check google reader at the moment but I will get back into the swing of things by Wednesday.

the walking man said...

Hope you had a good one Lana.

Greg said...

hope you have fun with all those bugs!!

Shauna Roberts said...

Happy birthday on Tuesday to you, Charles!

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks everyone. We were very disappointed to find that the Insectorium was closed. We should have checked but didn't think about it. We had a good lunch in the Quarter, though, then visited with our friend Katya, then took photos of birds at city park, and finaly ate at Red Lobster so it was a pretty good day.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hi Charles,

Hope you and Lana had an excellent day! Love the flash fiction you've been posting. I'm going to do some when I get a new idea in about a million years. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Michelle, we did. Thank you. Looking forward to your flash.