Friday, August 17, 2007

Illuminata In The House

The new Illuminata is up today. I’ve got a piece in it called "Writing With Attitude." There’s also another piece by Bret Funk on writing entitled "Useless Words and Weak Writing."

Yesterday and today were spent mostly working on syllabi and notes for school, which is now approaching at freight train rate. And I’m caught square in the tracks with no chance to leap to either side. Oh well, can’t complain since without my job I wouldn’t be able to eat or do pretty much any of the other things I enjoy. But damn it was a nice summer.

In the next day or so I want to post a piece called “Reflections for the Summer of my Prose,” which is a take off on Karl Edward Wagner’s title “Reflections for the Winter of my Soul.” Anyway, in that piece I’ll try to take a brief look back at what has probably been my most productive summer ever in writing. Everyone here who has read and commented on my blog is a part of that.



Greg said...

Hey Charles,

I just read Aurora Australe --I enjoyed all three of your poems, but especially "Abraded by Light." The imagery in there is very intense.

Take care,
Greg Schwartz

Bernita said...

You are right, Charles, about the equivocating, tentative effect created by most uses of those words.

Lisa said...

Your piece is great and I need to be reminded not to compare what I'm doing to what anyone else is doing. Reading a post from another writer who is revising a finished manuscript, or who has hammered out a massive word count in a fit of inspiration, always makes me question why I'm not further along myself. Your article helps to reinforce the notion that everyone really does have a different process. Very helpful!

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks Greg, glad you liked it.

Bernita, thanks.

Lisa, I appreciate the good words. Glad it made some sense to you.

Michelle's Spell said...


I agree -- excellent summer! Can't believe it's ending. Love the new work!

Farrah Rochon said...

Both articles are fascinating. Attitude #3 in your article rings so true. I'll admit, when I hear another author talk about banging out 15 pages a day, I wonder just what the heck is wrong with me. But we all work at our own pace. I've got to remember it.

I'm taking notes from the other article as I go through the editing process with my current WIP. I know I have those weak words sprinkled throughout my manuscript.

Sidney said...

Congrats on a good summer.

Steve Malley said...

Weak words: I kinda thought that maybe this was a pretty good idea, one we might all want to possibly consider...

Discipline: I need a program to occasionally (all right, frequently) shout, "Hey, get off that internet and WRITE!!!"

Good stuff, Charles!

Erik Donald France said...

Yes, time is a freight train coming down the tracks. Aye carumba!

Warren Zevon's suggestion as we move along: "Enjoy every sandwich." And every bit of writing, I guess ;)

the walking man said...

I've written enough. I've edited enough. I'll just stop writing. Enough is enough.

Summer ends, fall begins it's steady march to ice and cold and that is enough for me to know I still draw breath.



Charles Gramlich said...

Michelle, thanks. This summer will go down in history for me.

Sid, thanks. Makes me greedy for another.

Erik, oh man, it's coming, coming, coming.

Mark, can you write enough? Not sure. Not sure how I could quit these days even if I wanted.

Steve, Lol. Good illustration.

Farrah, that #3 is mainly advice to myself.