Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Writing Article Up

The new Illuminata is up and I have a piece in it on "Quick Versus Slow Suspense." This is in my Writer's Block Column, page 5. If you're downloading from the archive page it's Vol #5, Issue #10 at the bottom right.

There's another writing related piece in this issue as well, "Power up your Prose by Eliminating Passive Voice" by the editor, Bret Funk. And don't forget those of you who are into the writing thing that Bret is always looking for reviews and some short story subs. He runs contests periodically as well.

Over on his blog, Lucas Pederson has posted an extensive revision to his "Chop Shop" story. He really did some work on this so check it out. Although be aware those of you with weak stomachs that some of it is still pretty graphic. Lucas is a horror writer.

And if you like beautiful prose in a fantasy setting, check out some of the short pieces that Bernita has been posting. Check out her June 09 and June 02 posts, and try to talk her into writing a complete short story in her voice, or a novel. I'd like to see it.


Bernita said...

You are a sweet man, Charles.

LoveRundle said...

My "one more sentence" is becoming a motto around here.

I do need to read the post on passive writing. I'm getting better the more I edit, but sometimes I fall into it and have major revisions.

Susan Miller said...

Thanks for the referrals to the reading, Charles. Great info, as always!

Erik Donald France said...

Well done, man, and Happy Father's Day! Did that graffiti rap get worked out okay?

Steve Malley said...

Your columns are a reliable enjoyment. Well written.

Incidentally, did you know that the 'giant carrot' in The Thing was a young Michael Landon in his first movie role?

Randy Johnson said...
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Charles Gramlich said...

Bernita, not necessarily.

christina, I like that line. Thanks for dropping by.

Susan, your visits are appreciated.

Erik, that's a story in itself. The graffitti charge was taken care of with a fine, but the judge, despite the fact that it's illegal and that Josh's charge had nothing to do with drugs, has put him on 6 months probation with required random drug tests. The Judges in New Orleans have got to be some of the most corrupt in the world. Hardly a one of them is not up on some kind of ethics charge.

Steve, thanks. I didn't know that was Landon. How weird.