Monday, March 05, 2007


Just some tidbits today.

Steve Malley has a link to Alan Gutherie's 32 rules of writing and they are excellent ones. Check 'em out. Even though most of us know this stuff implicitely, it's still helpful to see them explicitely stated some times.

Sid and Wayne have an interesting thing going about what you might find in a "dead man's pockets," including their own. I don't have a camera handy but in my pockets now there is a "billfold" with fifty bucks in it, a driver's license, two credit cards, a Barnes & Noble card, two library cards, some pictures of my son, some business cards, a Save A Center grocery store discount card, and a few business cards from other folks. Also in my pockets? A buck o' six cents in change, including a penny I picked up in the parking lot yesterday, a set of car keys, a cell phone, and a piece of chalk.

Writing wise, I did a bunch of rough draft last night on my fantasy, "The Blackest of Hates," and I'm finding that present tense sure does push the pace along quickly, perhaps too quickly in some cases. I also started on my next column for The Illuminata, and this one too owes a great deal to discussions I've had with folks here on the blog, as well as with my writing group. Thanks folks.

In reading, I finished Tommyland, which is Tommy Lee's (of Motley Crue)autobiography. It was actually pretty interesting, although I was most interested in the Crue years, being a big fan of their music. I'm also reading Charlee Jacob's Haunter, which is certainly one of the most graphic books I've ever read.


RK Sterling said...

A piece of chalk?

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm a teacher, Kate, and at my school chalk is worth its weight in precious jewels. We hoard our chalk, save it as folks used to save stamps, and even put it into our wills. Well, pretty much.

karla said...

In my pockets: $2,463 in stolen currency, an old man's false teeth, a Pez dispenser, a severed thumb, a packet of sugar-free hot chocolate, a scuba diving mask, a bicycle pump, and two empty Diet Coke cans.

And some chalk.

(I have big pockets.)

Charles Gramlich said...

Karla, I keep all that stuff in my briefcase. Thanks for checking my blog.

Lucas Pederson said...

I'll have to check out that book the Haunter. Sounds interesting. Anyway. The stuff in my pockets are too dangerous to let I'll just pass on that subject. I'm heading over to check out those wrting rules too. Thanks.

Sphinx Ink said...

Most of my clothing does not have pockets, so I carry a purse instead. Here's what's in it: --Wallet, with currency, coins, credit cards, ID cards, various store discount cards, and movie ticket stubs (I keep them so I can remember what movies I've seen);
--2 small spiral notebooks, one for writing random notes, the other for taking notes during meetings of my writers' groups;
--paperback book(s) (I don't leave home without at least one, often two when I'm close to finishing one of them...gotta have a backup book);
--2 disposable cameras that need to be sent off for the pix to be developed;
--various pieces of mail, Post-It notes to myself, cash receipts and credit card receipts;
--a Zip-Loc bag with lipstick and minimal cosmetics;
--a Zip-Loc bag with various small office supplies, such as highlighter pen, mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, staple remover;
--sunglasses in case;
--two pairs of reading glasses in cases;
--two thumb drives on lanyards;
--office ID/keycard;
--house and car keys;
--address book;
--pocket calendar;
--cell phone;
--coin purse containing business cards and credit cards that don't fit in my wallet;
--eyeglass cleaner/repair kit;
--chewing gum/breath freshener.

Needless to say, my purse weighs at least 10 pounds. I have Gladiator syndrom in my left shoulder, no doubt because that's the side on which I carry my shoulder-bag purse...

Sphinx Ink said...

Oops, I misspelled my ailment--it's Gladiator Syndrome (I left off the "e" in my original post and my OCD compels me to correct it).

Michelle's Spell said...

That's a cool idea -- let's see -- I have in my purse (a woman's pocket?) -- a wallet, tons of make-up, a card for the Rattlesnake Farm in Palo Pinto, some Blockbuster cards from years gone by, cell phone, ipod, camera, notebook with creepy Blythe doll image, and aspirin. That's more than I would have thought if I didn't write it out. I think of myself as a minimalist, but I guess not.

Charles Gramlich said...

Of such things are a life made.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I never have much on me. Per policy, twenty bucks is the maximum I can carry inside a prison. If there were ever a prison riot, the only thing of value the inmates might get off of me is the gold caps in my mouth.

Drizel said...

You have alot in your pockets...hihih....and I love Motley Cru, must get his auto..
and also printed out the stuff on steve's blog:)

Sidney said...

Good title on the story - I am re-writing an old piece of mine in present tense - kind of an all-action piece - so it's working well for that.

Danny Tagalog said...


Thanks for the link to Guthrie's tips. Very useful resource.

Looked up Wolfmother on wikipedia - they are very *now* aren't they!

Lana Gramlich said...

Good thing you have that buck 'o six in your pocket, since we know that freedom costs a buck 'o five. ;)