Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Well is Filling

I think my story well or idea well is finally starting to fill up a bit. Just in the past week I've had decent ideas for four stories, two longish ones and two short ones. The main problem right now is that I have no chance to write them. This is the worst part of the semester at school, with little time to do more than teach my classes and meet with students. And at home there is more school work, letters of recommendation, getting tests ready, and grading tests and papers that I've already given. I'm at the point of quickly sketching the ideas down in a file and hoping to get back to them at a later date. Unfortunately, doing this lets the idea get cold, and I find that it's much harder to go back to that idea and work up enthusiasm for it after it's been sitting. It's like cooking a great meal but not sitting down to eat it right away. The food just doesn't look or taste as appetizing after it's sat for a while.


Sidney said...

You're up on me by two, but it's a good feeling to have a couple of ideas. Like you, gotta find some time to work, but going to World Fantasy energized me at least.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I am sitting down tonight to come up with an idea about horror on the high seas. Lemme touch your cyber head and try and have some of those ideas rub off on my fingers. Wait...lemme wash my hands first.