Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Out of the Fog

The fog was so thick on the 24 mile bridge (the Causeway) this morning that traffic snailed down to 25 mph. The mile markers crawled by, and for the first time ever I really noticed the odd little structures here and there along the bridge as they suddenly loomed like alien outhouses from the mist. For part of the trip, about all I could see were the tailights of the car just in front of me and the ghostly moving shroud of the vehicle to my left. It was an eerie feeling, taking me out of the real world. I was in a kind of burning land where the only reality was movement and the curl of white smoke across my windshield.

But when I came down through the fire place, and reached the sanctuary of my office, I found three emails waiting for me with links to pictures of Brittney Spears flashing her sex. And I realized: the day to day world I live in is far stranger than any misty land I could imagine. Because the real world has people in it, and people are the most bizarre creatures to ever walk the earth.

Can I go back into the mist? For just a little while?

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