Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Personal Webpage

I was updating the bibliography section of my webpage last night on a recent publication, a new column for The Illuminata, when I decided to check on just how long it's been since I'd updated the opening screen and the "New Stuff" section. Not since November of last year, when we were evacuated for Hurricane Katrina! I was rather appalled that it had been so long, so I updated it a bit and added a link to this blog. The stuff that's on the page is still good; it's just that newer notes have been put here rather than there. My webpage is also called Razored Zen, and I've added a link to it here as well if anyone is interested. By the way, it's hosted on a free site so you will see some ads if you go to it. I suppose I should break open the old checkbook and buy a site, but lately there have been other priorities.

The only other news I have is that, as mentioned above, a new column is up for The Illuminata. This one is called "Criticism Hurts: How I stopped the Brutality and came to Love Writers." Another interesting coincidence occurred last night involving the latest newsletter issue. Lana and I were watching Nip/Tuck when I said in response to something on the show: "Everything old is new again." An hour later I opened my email to find the new Illuminata, and the first article was entitled "Everything Old is New Again."

The weirdness keeps rolling.

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