Friday, November 17, 2006

Cryptozoology and Me

Cryptozoology is the study of mysterious animals, particularly ones such as Bigfoot and the Lock Ness Monster, who may or may not exist. I've always been a doubter where Nessie is concerned, although I think there is a small possibility that something like a bigfoot exists. Certainly, some weird animals are still being discovered in our modern age. Witness the Coelacanth, a very large fish that was thought to be extinct for something like 70 million years until a living specimen was caught in the 1930s.

The Ozark Mountains, where I grew up, carry their share of stories of strange creatures. I've written a few stories about them, and my novel, Cold in the Light, plays with that theme.

Recently, my niece Sarah sent me and some other folks a few pictures of a strange canine-type of animal that had been shot in the Ozarks. These pictures eventually wound up in the hands of Loren Coleman, who studies stories of cryptic creatures. He posted the pictures and some information about the animal on a website called And for reasons I'm not quite clear on, he mentions my name and talks about Cold in the Light. Thanks, Loren. I appreciate the mention.

By the way, my guess for what the thing is? I think it's a coy-dog, a hybrid between a coyote and a dog.


Loren Coleman said...


I always am interested in the relationships - coincidences or not - between individuals touched by near-cryptozoological events and their relatives, so to speak.

I understand your novel contains hominoid beasts perhaps more closely aligned to reports of Bigfoot-like Boogers from the Ozarks than the canid mystery animal I highlighted at But I liked the overlap in the cryptid mysteries, and feel all authors should have their books (and links to buy them) mentioned as often as possible.

Having written 27 books, I appreciate the labor it takes and the challenge it is to get your work noticed.

Best of luck
Loren Coleman

Sidney said...

Hey, cool! You got a comment from Loren Coleman!!!!

My official position is that most cryptozoology reports aren't true - BUT IT WOULD BE REALLY COOL IF THEY WERE.

I remember the original "Legend of Boggy Creek" film and how eerie and thrilling I found the notion of the Foulk, AR, monster.

It's kind of sad to me that so many years have passed without a sighting.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for dropping by, Loren, and for the mention at The creatures from "Cold in the Light" sort of combine "Boogers" and "Bigfoot," while having a different ancestry. I enjoyed the cryptomundo site and plan to make regular visits there.

Sid, my brother has been running a series about bigfoot in Arkansas and the south in The Charleston Express, for which he is the editor. The pieces are written by Tal H. Branco. I remember the "Legend of Boggy Creek" fondly myself.