Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Fun Weekend

This weekend was just how weekends should always be, but aren't nearly enough. The weather was perfect, cool but not cold, and with clouds moving in on Sunday but no rain. My son stayed over. We had a great time. Lana bought me an CO2 Air Pistol for my birthday and Josh and I sat up a target range in the backyard and shot probably close to two thousand BBs. We also took some long walks along the gravel roads around our place, shooting a few cast off beer bottles here and there, and just enjoying the fresh air. Each night we built a little fire in the yard and set outside trading yarns and talk. And we studied the full moon through binoculars or just enjoyed the moonlight filling up our yard and painting the trees. One night we watched as our racoon friends came in to the yard to check the larder. Or, if we weren't around the fire we were hanging out on the deck. We ate every meal in the fresh air on the deck, except for the night we went to Trey Yuen for a delicious dinner.

And to top it off, both the Arkansas Razorbacks and the New Orleans Saints won their football games this weekend. It was the kind of weekend that leaves you a little sad when it's over, but also very glad to have had it.

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