Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Movie Monsters

Do you like movie monsters? Hey, everyone does, don’t they? But do you remember your movies and your monsters? Can you look at the phrases or quotes below and match them with the famous monsters below that? Now this quiz is easy. Anything less than eleven correct and you surely can’t be trying. Less than six correct and you need to go out and buy yourself a VCR/DVD and spend some time catching up on the classics.

1. Not so jolly Green Giant
2. “I’ll be back”
3. Fava beans
4. Who goes there?
5. “The Children of the Night.”
6. Skull collector
7. The Moon is a harsh mistress
8. Swim fan
9. When electricity came to the castle
10. Chest burster
11. No sarcophagus can hold him
12. The eighth wonder of the world
13. I told you not to open that box
14. Amorphous Entity
15. Elder God

a. King Kong
b. The Mummy
c. Dracula
d. The Wolfman
e. Godzilla
f. The Terminator
g. The Predator
h. Cthulhu
i. Creature from Black Lagoon
j. Pinhead
k. The Blob
l. Hannibal Lecter
m. Frankenstein’s Monster
n. Alien
o. The Thing

Answers: 1. Godzilla, 2. Terminator, 3. Hannibal Lecter, 4. The Thing, 5. Dracula, 6. Predator, 7. The Wolfman, 8. Creature from the Black Lagoon, 9. Frankenstein’s Monster, 10, Alien, 11. The Mummy, 12. King Kong, 13. Pinhead, 14, The Blob, 15. Cthulhu.

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Sidney said...

Oddly, Not so jolly green giant gave me some trouble, but I was still figuring out the rules. They're kind of complex, and I'm not wearing my glasses. Otherwise I probably would have gotten a hundred.