Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What's This Ugly Thing?

Figured for the hell of it that I'd post a picture of myself. This bike is totalled, by the way. I wrecked it February 28, 2006 when someone pulled out in front of me. Broke my shoulder and a couple of ribs but I'm almost as good as old now. (Or as bad as old.) Damn but I miss having a bike. Gotta get a new one.


Eric Paul said...

I once had the idea of getting a motorcycle years ago (no doubt this was due to wayyy too many viewings of Easy Rider). What sobered me was witnessing an accident that caused the cyclist to become airborne for a short, though devastating, period of time. He lived, and my cycle fantasy vanished faster thn you could say, "Vrooom vrooooommm!"

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Charles, thanks for getting back to me. I was quite worried after Katrina, Sid Williams told me that you were in Arkansas, but my emails kept coming back. I now realize that I am a complete idiot--as history will record--and had your email as Gramlic. From this point on, we can stay in touch in the proper manner. Glad you are OK, man. Oh, and thanks for the review of SCARLET SPONGE. When you have a chance, email me your address and I can send you more goodies to review! Wayne

Chris Gruber said...

Is this the steed that got away - along with most of your hide?